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    A guy was mocked for being a parachute trooper – VDV.  He didn’t serve in VDV. He served in another prestegeous military unit. Guys made fun of the man after he could not state where he served in VDV. I served in VDV for 18 months. 350 polk, 103 division.
    Psycho shot 9 people after people made  laugh of himself. One person survived.

    Russian police are questioning a man
    suspected of killing nine people with a hunting rifle in a village
    150km (93 miles) north-west of Moscow.The bodies of five men and
    four women were found at the cottage (dacha) in Redkino, near Tver. One
    woman’s body was found in the boot of a car.The suspect is an electrician who, reports say, turned up at a party uninvited and got into a drunken rage.A young woman survived by hiding under a blanket and called police.The victims were shot at point-blank range with a Saiga semi-automatic rifle.The suspect has been named as Sergei Yegorov, 45. Russia’s Vesti TV news says he has confessed to the crime.Russian
    media report that he lost his temper when some guests refused to
    believe him when he said he had once served as a Russian paratrooper.Feeling
    insulted, he went home and fetched his rifle, then went back to the
    party and opened fire, reports say. The gunman was apparently well
    acquainted with the group at the dacha.Among the victims was a 92-year-old woman, the owner of the dacha.



    Isn’t there a psychological testing on the draft day? Perhaps he lost his mind later on in his life



    I saw the girl surviving . She was shaking… She could not stop shaking. I clincned my fists seeing the girl telling what happened to her

    The crazy man wanted be part of us killing 9 people. But he was not part of us.




    Sorry, my fellow Czechs. Our 103rd division went to Czechoslovakia in 1968.Our division was given an order.



    I respect you for your service @Sviatogor, back then all had to serve in the army.



    @”Bernhard “

    Military service is compulsory in Belarus to these days. Exception are for people who had military training in Universities. They become lieutenants of reserve. Officers. But these  lieutenants from universities are not viewed positively in army. They can’t do anything. University military training is seen as an escape from a regular service.

    In the past military service was for 2 years. Service in Navy for 3 years. Today in Belarus military service (there’s no Navy anymore) can be 6 months , 12 months or 18 months.



    This autumn Russians, Belarusians and Serbs will have common military training on the territory of Belarus. One of the largest in recent years. NATO forces are cautious.

    From what I know Serbian soldiers are viewed positively in Belarus and Russia.

    Last year

    Serbian, Russian and Belarusian troops taking part in the Slavic Brotherhood-2016 joint exercises are preparing to carry out counter-terrorist drills, Serbia’s Special Brigade Commander Brigadier General Zoran Velickovic said Tuesday.



    The girl that survived and told what happened on dacha lost her fiancé . They planned to marry this year. She was shaking.I don’t know what paratroopers would do this psycho if he was among us.
    The girl that survived. Start watching on 10th minute





    Sorry, my fellow Czechs. Our 103rd division went to Czechoslovakia in 1968.Our division was given an order.

    I wish it never happened. At least if the USSR didn’t fuck up Czecho-Slovak politics. It was the times, when everything was heading toward better future. And suddenly, *boom*, 20 years of stagnation… But what can we do about it now… :|

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