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    I never got the feeling it’s this different. e.g. When I visited Slovakia I never had a feeling there was such difference. I had a feeling that only night life and real estate are more expensive than in Serbia. 
    I go to Bosnia relatively often, alcohol is cheaper in Bosnia, but meat and bread are more expensive, on the other hand their fuel is so cheap that Serbians go to Bosnia just for it. 



    Expensive alcohol in Ireland? :( What? :( Poor Emerald isle :(

    Anyway, I’ve heard low prices are one of the reasons why many students pick Poland as their Erasmus destination. By low prices I mean of general products, like food and alcohol. The problem is that income is not high neither. :D No wonder the prices are lower then.



    There’s “saying” we have Austrian prices but not Austrian salaries. :D



    @Povhec, same here, just not about Austria ;)



    Does a country exist with decent wages and low prices? In America, the saying is “The more you make, the more they (gov’t and retail stores) take.” 



    Karpivna decent wage to low price combo is definitely if you live in Slovenia near Austrian border and work in Austria. Having Austrian salary and option of Slovene and Austrian market which gives you opportunity to buy stuff that is cheaper in respective countries.



    Belarusians go shopping in Vilnius, Lithuania. Latvians visit Belarus to buy petrol. Petrol is one of the cheapest in Belarus. Most expensive petrol is around 0.60 Euros per litre. Cheaper petrol is around 0.50 Euros per litre.



    @Sviatogor, to Vilnius? Lithuanians aren’t doing very well after introducing euro currency.

    Well, plenty of Belarusians from Brest are visiting Poland, those from Grodno probably as well.




    Yes! To Vilnius. Belarusians want to travel. So they go to Bialystok and Vilnius. Grodno and Bialystok are near each other. The closest city to Minsk is Vilnius. Vilnius is even closer to Minsk than any other major city in Belarus.



    Maybe swiss baskets are three times bigger?



    This list is only good as touristic information

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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