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    Good evening my fellow apache helicopters! I’m in need of a huge favor to ask! Here’s the deal: I’m comming to Serbia later this month but my company and I won’t have internet. We decided to get a Sim card, lalala but we won’t have the time to buy one since we will have around 30 minutes in Beograd before heading to the middle of nowhere. So I’m asking, as a fellow Bulgarian brother, if someone could get us a Sim card and give it to us for the 30 minutes we will be in Beograd, we will pay by hand on the spot oncewe make sure the card is working
    If anyone is willing to help us out I will reach out and we can sort the details of on Facebook
    Thank you for your time
    Your dearest, Katy

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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