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    Greetings. I am the representative of the movement directed against the government of Moscow is specific – against Putin. Our group has no name, it has specific goals and plans. In our command there are two talented programmers, the journalist, several leaders of social movement, and there is no competent translator. I have to use an online translator therefore in advance I apologize for the text. Unfortunately we lack personal means for implementation of our plans and we are forced to ask for help. We need money for purchase of the equipment and rent of the temporal place for the hacker attack of government servers. We have a reliable source which told us that the government in Moscow really is related to hacking of servers of other countries and theft of their documents. Putin has really a have direct bearing on scandal in the USA.
     Thanks to our informant we learned where this information is stored, and now it is necessary get the data immediately. Also according to our sources on the specified servers we can get the information on at interference and frauds on votes in case of a referendum in the Crimea, and in our own country too. It isn’t excluded that we will find even more important data. The required server is built on the basis of Baikal-M processor. It is connected to a closed private network and does not connect to the Internet. This complicates the problem, but fortunately we have a man who knows how to connect seamlessly to the server. Previously, he worked in the organization and was responsible for the communication system.
     We have communications with some media and we are intended to transfer this information them. To some journalists we should pay some money, many of  them afraid persecution and wants themselves to secure somehow. We would also like to convey information to you for distribution. However we are sure, there will be enough obtained information to organize a huge meeting which outgrow to the real revolt! Of course for the organization of such action  will need some funds too. Many people wish overthrow of the power of Moscow already now, but after we publish classified documents which Putin won’t be able to deny any more, the number of people on our side considerably will increase. We want that Putin with his government was responsible for everything that he did!! We know that Its leaving will bring peace to all. Not only citizens of my country want this but also the whole world. Now we have a unique opportunity, it means that we must act very quickly. Therefore the decision to address to all not indifferent people on the Internet. Of course we have great risk and we must try to secure ourselves, but we believe this purpose worth the risk. In this moment nobody helps us also everything that we do, we do at own expense. Our total assets isn’t enough and we need at least $20000-23000 more. We hope for your responsiveness and that you not indifferent to our cause. We need the help and support, in our turn we are ready to share the got data. We will be glad even if you will transfer the small amount, anyway it is important to us to feel your support and understanding. We use bitcoin to ensure safety and anonymity against intelligence agencies. This will ensure security and anonymity to you. Our bitcoin:
     We plan to start immediately as soon as collect the necessary sum of money. Time does not wait. We hope for your help. Thank you. Yours faithfully, MaxWalker


    LoL you can’t be serious :D Hilarious guy :D and if you will send me 9 000 000 000€ I will make a space vessel that will be able to take us all to specific slavic galaxy which is 5 milion light years far from us, however with your help guys we can accomplish that!! 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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