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    Amazing Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

    The Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics is located in Moscow, Russia and is dedicated to USSR space expl…

    Read the full story here



    Soyuz ftw, best space-rocket ever made! Hell, even USA and European space agency uses them still :D



    Vmeste veselo shagat po prostoram!
    I need to visit the Universe in the future.



    @Kat: So true. Space programs everywhere would be nowhere without Soyuz.

    @Gaius: The USA is planning Mars and deep-space adventures in the next 20 years. Maybe you could hop a ride then? :D



    @Karpivna, I’m addicted to smoking – there is no tobacco on Mars, I am afraid :(



    @Gaius: You could become the first purveyor of Martian tobacco products! Forget international trade! Intergalactic trade is the future! :D Your post reminds of something I just learned. A couple in my grandmother’s Ukrainian village opened a shop that does NOT sell vodka or tobacco products. They only sell “healthy” products. :)



    Because they don’t want to sell that, or because they do not have license to selling this? ;>
    If there would be no vodka nor cigarettes (especially) in the world, my life would be boring and simply pointless :p



    They choose not to sell those products because they believe they are destroying the Ukrainian society. Like you, though, my grandfather would be quite upset to learn a shop in his village does not sell two of his favorite things. :D However, my grandmother would approve. :D



    Is this the only shop in this village? :p
    Vodka and cigarretes are not destructive. Vodka, obviously, a bit psychoactive, but cigarretes are simply unhealthy. This is discrimation of smokers. Where I live we can’t smoke on bus stations, train stations, public places etc. Even trains are not “equipped” in roomette for smokers (and they were in the past).



    I remember the Apollo/Soyuz mission, damm I’m old



    It’s exciting to see stuffed Strelka and Belka in the Museum, still I’m not sure if that was good idea. Perhaps they should bury them somewhere in Museum’s yard, with real monument on it. Think it would be better way to preserve memory of those lovely animals, real space heroes.

    Rodv, we’re not old, we only remember a lot.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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