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    Whoever writes for this blog must fucking hate the current Russian government. And they're quite persistent in their efforts!


    Look at "The Putin Murders" section: http://larussophobe.wordpress.com/putinmurders/

    Goddamn, the guy is a beast.



    We were founded in April 2006 by Kim Zigfeld

    Kim Zigfeld




    @”Lenka Láskorádová”

    The blog does suggest that turning Russia into a USA style democracy is a great thing, aka it’s Masonic inspired. But, criticism of Putin is a good thing. Real Russians should make sure that not only the previously mentioned parties propose solutions to Putin.



    Thanks for this link Husarz. Some information is correct, but the author of blog is a jew, that why almost all people from this list http://larussophobe.wordpress.com/putinmurders/ are either jews or putin's competitors from KGB or jewish antifa and liberal scum. Author doesn't care about Russian victims of ZOG goverment, about Russian patriots and nationalists. He's obsessed by "red danger" "neo-soviet union" "Russian nationalist Putin" and other stereotypes, although Russia really dies.

    I highly recommend for Russian speaking users the forum http://www.protiv-putina.ru/forum/ 
    The most of users has liberal or neutral views, but this's the good source of information about real situation in Russia and real "achievements" of putin.



    @Scythian Right on Sibirak, I coundn’t agree with you more! Putin had to be like a black belt Karati expert and all of those guys were like black ningas attacking him from every direction. Putin had to be like Bruce Lee just to survive in Russian politics!



    Daniel, I missed the sense of your post. Russian politics doesn't exist, we can't call members of our crime goverment "politicians", it would be more correct to call them "putin's gang" or "branch of ZOG".



    Well I don’t  think that any of us normal people really know for sure who’s side any politition is on. Everybody at the top is backstabbing each other and changing sides as the wind blows. This is the very nature of Politics. If we try to see it in simple terms then we don’t see the truth. It isn’t simple. Every advanced politition has had to bend the rules and compromise his ethics to get and stay where he is.

    Is Putin good for the Country? If he isn’t then who is? How do we really know? Putin stays in power using power. I just hope that the people of Russia somehow sway their polititions into moving somewhere good for Russia and the World!

    It’s nice that you now have the Siberian flag. My Grandfather was exiled to Yakusk in 1895. Lucky he made it out to Canada after four years there and thats where I was born. I love the green!



    @”Daniel Philipoff” 

    you must be patriot of your nation  :-



    Usually, former Russians in Canada don’t know real Russia well, they live like in another dimension with “strong Russian nationalist” Putin and they even vote for his party. They’re totally wrong, just believe me. It’s ok if you’re trying to be neutral, but if you will learn Russian reality better, you will admit: He’s the worst enemy for the country and for Russians.



    What do you mean? ???

    he means, like, he is happy that his father went to Canada
    implies that we are so unlucky that stay here inRussia



    If Russia is anything like the Baltic or Ukraine, then yes, I think Philipoff was better off being born here.



    I hope he will write something like "my rich ancestor would be dead in soviet russia bla bla bla" for his justify. Otherwise he only confirms the reputation of the person with -off surnames in Russia  ;D



    Ukraina is very peaceful place, at least most cities. Baltic countryes are different, my internet friend from Latvija says it is ok there.



    @”Lenka Láskorádová”  
    I am, or I mean, we over here are all patriots. But our ancestors were tricked into protesting against the Czar Nicoloas and we all got kicked out of Russia to Canada. The provocateers who hung out with Leo Tolstoy used us for their own political aims. Tolstoy even paid for our tickets on the boat to Canada, all 7000 of them.

    Tolstoy, although his heart was good, had many evil conivers lurking around him in his last days. One of them was Bonch-Bruevich who later became Lenin’s personal secratary for the first many years of Russian Communism. Bonch-Bruevich sailed with my great-grandfathers to Canada and stayed with them pretending to be a Russian peasant like they were. Then he went back and tutored Lenin to prepare him for Communism! When Lenin rolled into St. Petersburg for the 1917 Bolshevic Revolution it was from Bonch-Bruevich’s house in Finland that he was coming from.

    Yes, the bad rich people who clustered around Tolstay tricked the Douchobors into burning thier guns in 1895 just before the Japan-Russian war. The Douchobors were illiterat Christian believing peasants who could’t read or write and never knew what was going on. They didn’t even know that they were going to burn their guns, they thought they were just handing them in to become Christian pacificst. After the burning the Czar began to destroy them. In one group of 4000 people about a thousand died in just three years. These were families, mothers and children. Even I met some of the old men here in Canada who still had the whipping marks across their backs.

    Now many Douchobors here in Canada think that they are some kind of saints for doing it. But I have come to realize the truth.  My forefathers and many of us  still love Mother Russia and many are now beginning to return home.




    Sorry to bust your bubble Sibiryak, but my ancestors, not just one great-grandfather but all four of them, were of the poorest peasants in Russia. When we arrived in Saskachewan the Quakers gave us donations so we could survive the first winter. Even when we lived in Russia, because we were true believing Christians, we often let the neigboring Tartars and heathens come around and just steal whatever they wanted of our small amount of peasant possesions.

    But there were some who recognized and appreciated  these Godly people. The Czar Alexander 1st used to stop by in Militople on his way to the Krimea and study the bible with my Great-great-great Grandfather. This was told to my uncle by his mother who was born in the mid 1800s. We still recite a psalm that praises this Czar.

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