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    As it may seem pointless, but it is very current issue of the identity of the Macedonian nation and in the that context the name of Macedonian state as well. The basis of the problem is situated in the origin of the Macedonian nation.
    Until recently, to us disputed implicitly our Macedonian identity calling us Serbs, Bulgarians etc… Now even worse – very explicitly want to divide us то Ancient Macedonians and Slav Macedonians.
    Please help improve this article to give your opinion on Macedonia and Macedonians. Thank you.



    I have expressed my view many times so far not leaving a room to any doubt about our national identity. It is about the mindset, for example the Serbs and Croats view their history form the times when the Slavs settled on their present territories, all of the history before that is considered as history of the others, not of their own or of their own present countries. On the contrary our name bares the essence of our identity relating our national identification with name of the land which existed long before the sixth century when it is believed that the Slavs settled in this land. The objection is that we cannot identify ourselves as Macedonians which is a challenge which we have to overcome by going deeper in the history to the ancient times and beyond. What is very clear to any unbiased individual is that nobody can be close related to any predecessors of the present Macedonians than the present Macedonians themselves.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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