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    from front page: http://www.slavorum.com/?p=1700

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    The Union of Slavic tribes, known in the sources as Antes, and settled on the lands of the Dniester to “Maeotis” – the Sea of ​​Azov – now out of favor with historians. In Soviet times, scientists and school Grekova Rybakov believed Antesare  almost the direct ancestors of the Rus and attributed them to the class stratification and early feudal system, now researchers have rushed to the other extreme, sometimes even denying the Ants belonging to the Slavs (in spite of the direct assertion of a number of historians contemporaries about the common origin and the Ants “Sklaviny”, and their common language, nor Slavic names antskogo chiefs).

    So Antes are trying to “take away” Chernyakhovskaya archaeological culture, but that’s still not decided whom to hand her – Iranians Goths or Bastarnae. And the view of Gothic historian Jordan, in black and white that the land “from Danastra to Danapra” Chernyakhov main land, it belonged to the Antes, our scientists contemporaries do not take orders. In fact, there could have known about this Goth affairs of his time, of the XXI century, we know better! Under these orders is not surprising that completely rejected the idea of ​​the beginnings of statehood in tribes and even more – what else continuity between Antes Union tribes and Kievan Rus. After the defeat of the Avars, Antes at the end of VI – nach.VII century Antes seem to completely disappear from history. Meanwhile, in the “Tale of Bygone Years” as an example of the missing people appear just Avars, and the phrase sounds “like unto pogibosha burdened with” – and not “like the ante.”

    more on article

    Anyway do you think Antes where one Slavic tribe or several ones making it an Union?



    Its verry hard to draw line between two. So, paradoxicaly, answer is both.


    Its verry hard to draw line between two. So, paradoxicaly, answer is both.

    But is it certain that they were Slavs,regardless of whether they were one tribe,or a tribal union?



    Several tribes would form a union to be powerful and the Antes were a powerful group of people. I think Antes were a union of tribes. But who knows? Some historians suggested they were a union of Slavic and Iranic speaking peoples.

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