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    I mean, do you guys practice living in nature? Do you like going to forests ,mountains etc? It does not neccesarily means "survival" or something. I love it. Just some basic stuff with me and then go I do not even know where! :D Sleeping in woods alone has its feeling.
    Yet I got a crazy idea.
    This summer, if everything will go as it should i am planning to get a little boat ,put it on water and float down the river to black sea. Starting on Torysa through Hornád to Tisa then to Danube and finally black sea.  I am bit afraid thou (u know river transport, problems with borders etc etc) so I did not decide yet.



    AFAIK Danube is considered international waters, so maybe that would apply also to you?



    I have absolutely no idea, have to check it out yet.  ;)



    Yes, my family and I have some bush craft.  What aspect of bush craft were you interested in? Simple widcrafted food stuffs, or how to catch fish or hunting?



    Well, fishing, hunting, tracking, survivng in nature for longer time with minimal stuff from modern world, primitive tactics and so on. I really love that. This summer I am planning to do primitive bow which could really work as deadly weapon. I do not kill animals thou, I bring my own food.



    you will hunt at home? ;D

    [img width=700 height=392]http://i45.tinypic.com/2iu7zmp.jpg” />



    ROFL.. why is its head so ..umm.. broken?



    for better aiming  ;D



    Your posts are always full of usefull info ,better try this method!  ;D



    Yikes hide the ice cream pops!

    Seriously, if you want to get foods from the wild get a plant ID guide for your area.  In summer I imagine you have berries that you can easily recognize like strawberry or bramble (blackberries in my area). Wild greens can be much more tricky, as they get bitter in the summer and should be picked in colder weather and when they are younger.  Fall is the time for mushrooms here. Can you identify a cep or gzribe in the wild?  Boletus were my family's favorites and they would pick them whenever we went on picnics.  They would fry them up with onions and whatever meat was on the grill.
    If you are going by water you should really try fishing.  That is pretty easy and quite inexpensive. If you need bait, just go onshore and dig some up.



    I do not like wildberries cuz they are tricky!  ;D I have to be 100% otherwise I would not pick them!
    When on fishing I always hunt them barehands. River can not be too deep thou.



    vinelover we arent so torn out of nature. we knew such basic things already as little children  ;D
    knowledge of herbs, forest fruits and mushrooms is traditional, passed down in families. for example i was taught mostly by grandpa and grandma.



    No, but it is my ambition to live in forests or mountains. I do not like cities and prefer to be surrounded with nature.



    Bushcrafting is like real life Minecrafting. :D


    I do not like wildberries cuz they are tricky!  ;D I have to be 100% otherwise I would not pick them!
    When on fishing I always hunt them barehands. River can not be too deep thou.

    You might do better with an old urban survival trick.  Do you know the story of Stone Soup or Soup from a Nail? Google it if you don't.  Here's what you do.  As you go down the river find a nice home on the water with a garden.  Pull up to the shore there and ask permission from the home owner to dig for some worms on the edge of his property for fishing bait. Tell the gardener that his was the best looking garden you have seen so far. With such good soil, you are sure he has wonderful worms! Always say that you will refill the holes you make :)
    Continue by telling the gardener that you are a young student out for a simple vacation and to save money you are catching your own fish for dinner.  Also say that you are getting tired of eating plain fish, but what is a poor student to do?  Chances are that since you complemented the garden you will be asked if you would like to see it (gardener's are very proud of their babies!)  You will then be given at last some ogurki, probably much more. 
    Catching fish by hand here is called "noodling".  I don't do it because we have snakes and snapping turtles that can bite.  Where did you learn to do that?

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