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    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Hello all! I know that Ukrainians have a traditional doll called a Motanka which was used as an amulet to protect the home and family, and prevent individuals from getting sick.

    Are there any other doll amulets used by Slavs other than Ukrainians?

    Z poważaniem!



    Thank you Slavyanka! Does anyone have examples from other Slavic countries? :P



    I am not sure if this qualifies as a charm doll per se, but it is used in Poland. I believe that children burn this effigy of the winter goddess Marzanna at the end of winter to bring the warmth of spring, and destroy death. Here are some pictures that I have found on this practise:
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    It is Maslenitsa doll or simply Morana which is burned during Maslenitsa week. It is used by all Slavs and burned not by children but grown-up people. You should observe the  Slavic culture and traditions border. There are already answers on your questions.



    I have an article on Folk Dolls and two of my Dolls are on the page:

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