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    Uhm guys…. Big Bang was proposed by a priest. It dosen't have anything to do with the existance or non-existance of God actually.



    For the Abrahamic God it does.



    No it doesn’t at all. Like i said this was proposed by a priest and the theory doesn’t have anything to do with question of God’s existence only creation of world.



    In Islam, Christianity and Judaism God created the universe, and that God is eternal (always existed). The Big bang theory implies that there has to be a beginning. The two aren’t compatible. There are many religious people who are scientists, but that doesn’t mean their theories are compatible with their respective religions.



    actually big bang doesnt imply a beginning necessarily, because matter and energy are constant, right?

    anyway arguing that scientific theories and faith in God are incompatible is like saying that CDs and USB are incompatible. of course they arent, but theyre not supposed to be so, after all. eventhough they both have the same purpose.  :)



    So ******s certainly do not see it in conflict with our faith



    Where did you get the idea that this verse was talking about the big bang? ::) It says that God separated the Earth and the Heavens, not that they were created from a ‘big bang’ (cosmic explosion).

    And it doesn’t mention the big bang. The big bang theory did not even exist back when the Quran was written.



    so if it did not exist among scientist,God could not know about it?  ;D ??? ::) anyway,*****ic theologist believe in big bang if you ask them,and so do i In future do not talk about “abrahmic religons” as there are huge differences



    It doesn’t even mention a ‘bang’ ::) It talks about how heaven and earth were once one, then separated



    Doesn’t Christianity mention that earth is 6000 years old? i know some people think Islam does too,just because its apparently “Abraham” but it does not,so i sometimes have to defend my self from something i am free of ;D



    All three believe God created the universe. None of them say the universe was created through a ‘bang’ and then expanded



    God created universe somehow, currently the most commonly accepted theory, based on Einsteins relativity equation, is the one called “big bang”. its not just someone made it up, its mathematically supported. mathematics (and physics) is the most exact way to describe material world created by the only God.



    well ok,i just know some christians claim earth is few thousand years old 😮 ;D ;D those born again protestants can be crazy



    the big bang sounds a bit like myth of Slavic god Rod and creation of the universe.



    Yes, I belive in God. I was raised like a Evangelist, but I belive in my own way (but still similar to Evangelism).

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