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    Like another one of our forum members, I will soon be a proud father of a baby boy. I would like some ideas for names as well. The wife and I made a deal. Since it is a boy, I will be naming him.

    I would like ethnic Slavic (Southern versions) names that can be easily pronounced in English since I am in the United States. Also take into consideration English pronunciation (i.e. /J/ is pronounced /đ/ or /ђ/) and avoid letters like ž, lj, and č since they are not part of the English alphabet. I would like to avoid mispronounciation from English speakers.



    Zoran, Milan, Goran, Vladimir?



    Borut, Gorazd, Hotimir, Valuk. :)



    So far so good. More please.



    Well .. There is always Ivan.



    @Štajerc right on!  8)



    Gotta propagate our guys. ;)



    @Štajerc Great names. Borut and Gorazd being quite widespread. But giving your kid name Valuk might be risky. ;D Still its very great name its just i probably wont dare to give it to my kid. Hotimir is quite risky imo as well…. :(



    Boris,  Bojan, Miloš, Milan.



    @Krajišnik From my personal experience even if the letters are in the English alphabet they will mispronounce the name…



    Some popular Serbian boys names are Nenad, Nemanja, Dragan, Drago, Ljubiša, Rajko, Bojan, Goran. Do other Slavs have these names?



    Few sites with lists of Slavic names for help:

    List with old Slovenians names: http://www.staroverci.si/imena.html

    and very interesting. Old Church Slavonic names: http://www.behindthename.com/names/usage/old-church-slavic



    Ivan is Christian name derived from Jewish Joshua and it's meaning is "Yahweh is gracious" ;D so it's not a Slavic name, but in fact is a Slavic variant of a traditional Christian name.



    how about starobosansko ime? Sanjin, Zlatan, Mišljen, Tvrtko?



    @Slavorum, many names which sound “typically Slavic” are not necessarily of Slavic descent. Even though, many of them I consider more with Slavs than others, e.g. Tetiana/Tatiana (Roman). Also the name Svitlana/Svetlana is of Slavic descent, however is a translation of Greek Fotyna.

    The same with Ivan. Could be of Hebrew descent, but is specific variant for Slavs.

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