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    Souvenirs from Veishnoria are coming soon!


    Cool, now they’re gonna mistake Slovakia with one more country because of the flags. :D



    Belarus Military Invented Fake Enemy State “Veishnoria” For Zapad-2017 And The Internet Responded With Memes

    We live in a time where there is no lack of enemies, be it personal life or global geopolitical one. It is a time where in globalized world you have enemies from all over the world, however that is not enough! Belarus just invented one new enemy states, Veishnoria, that will be the practice dummy fo…

    Read the full story here




    It’s a memo on social networks, portals and even official newspapers.

    Vaishnorija is Hrodna region of Belarus

    Veisbaria is most of Lithuania and regions of Latvia.

    Lubenija is Suvalkija of Lithuania & Poland, and northern Poland .


    Passport of Vaishnoria




    Vaishnoria sound Yiddish. Anly plans to gas the Vaishnorians?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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