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    Perhaps a proud act of an athlete?

    Belarusian athlete Violetta Skvortsova, steadily became the champion of Europe among juniors in the triple jump, left the podium during the awarding ceremony due to the fact that the organizers of the tournament in the Italian Grosseto, included the anthem of another country, reports the press service of the Belarusian athletics Federation.

    On Friday she won the triple jump with a score of 14.21 meters, which is her new personal record.

    During the awards ceremony, the organizers mistakenly included the anthem of another country, what the national anthem were included not reported. After that she immediately left the podium and refused to climb back even under the threat of disqualification.

    Sanctions against Skvortsova was not followed. The organizers apologized to the athlete and the Belarusian side proposed to hold the ceremony again on Saturday. Thus, the winner and medalists in the triple jump will be honored again.




    that’s Bosnian anthem, Intermeco (Intermezzo) one of rare anthems without lyrics. She was right to do so, playing a wrong anthem at an international event is very disrespectful act.



    I agree.  To some athlete is important to hear national anthemes standing on podiums.



    I always wondered, how lazy some idiots are to confuse such stuff on such important events. I remember that during ski jumping, a Pole was 1st and the orchestra was playing Polish anthem, they did so, but in extremely slow motion – Polish anthem is fast. As it was held in Austria, the commentators said that as far as Austria had plenty of remarkable composers, they screwed up playing this anthem. But at least they didn’t confused it, playing an anthem of another country is much worse. I think there was something similar in the USA when a German tennis player won, wrong anthem was played, but I don’t remember what happened exactly back then.

    I’d say the Belarusian athlete did a good job, searching for an anthem requires few freaking seconds, if people are too lazy to this, they should pay for their laziness. It would be less of a problem if they’d play another Belarusian anthem :D




    searching for an anthem requires few freaking seconds

    When we won against Italy in ice hockey, they played Slovenian anthem. They couldn’t find our anthem, so it wasn’t played at all. :D Slovak audience was trying to sing it, but they couldn’t hear each other well, so they couldn’t synchronize it.



    @GaiusCoriolanus it was probably Hej Sloveni if it was instrumental :)
    @”Kapitán Denis” could’ve been worse, like playing Germans slightly older version from the 40s…



    She did the right thing. 



    The team of athletes returned home and Vijalieta Skvarcova received a warm reception.

    Vijalieta Skvarcova told reporters about the incident.

    “I don’t think that it was some kind of heroic thing to do. It was spontaneous.  I could not stand on the podium under a national anthem of another country. I can not explain or analyse my actions. I am very pleased [about the attention from public] but just ask you to let this topic run out. I do not know what else to say, – Skvarcova told the reporters”



    @Dušan it was slower than Hej Sloveni too. :) I can’t view it, but possibly you check that version under this link:




    @GaiusCoriolanus you’re right and the melody is slightly different when “Marsz, marsz, Dąbrowski”  part starts in Hej Sloveni

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