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    “Woman’s dream is to become some sort of drug for a man. To be his air, necessity, obsession.” – Nastya Rybka *real name Anastasia Vashukevich*

    A Belarusian escort arrested in Thailand this week has offered to provide “information” about alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign if U.S. investigators secure her freedom. Nastya Rybka was at the center of a recent exposé by Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny, who posted a video showing her on a yacht in 2016 with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko and oligarch Oleg Deripaska—a Russian billionaire who once employed former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. SHE SAYS SHE HAS TAPES!

    In a series of Instagram posts, Rybka, who was arrested for running a sex seminar without a permit, said she fears that Russian President Vladimir Putin will have her killed if she is extradited to Russia. “Please USA save us from Russia!” she wrote in English.




    Where do you find this crap? From Bobruisk , of all places. Radioactive zone, no wonder she has large lips.



    The girl is Belarusian. Her father is Belarusian who gave her surname Vashukevich.



    Kim! Where do you find such crap? When I go to search engines I find beautiful things about Belarus,Ukraine. You find crap. Do you look for bad things on purpose?



    @Sviatogor lol No, I do not look for these type stories. They find me! :D I don’t look for it. Nastya has been the top story for the past three days on my various newsfeeds! 



    Typical south-eastern Belarusian. She looks as Ukrainian of Kyiv, Chernihiv and neighbouring regions of Russia.

    Image result for



    Ok. I searched “Beautiful Belarus.” I got this.
    Image result for belarus beautiful



    I searched “Beautiful Ukraine” and got this.

    Vice President Joe Biden meets Ukraines PM Yulia Tymoshenko in Kiev





    Nastia is very Belarusian. Her ancestry in opposite corner to mine. We consider them Belarusians. She looks Ukrainian.

    Those three little bears are from Belovezha.




    Marc Chagal. I walked the streets on which Marc lived. He lived in Vietsiebsk. :)



    That is so cool! To have walked the same streets as Chagall!  :) 




    A bear having 3 cubs is rare. Commonly one or two. But three…! This is rare.



    @Sviatogor Yes, those baby bears are so adorable! Though, they probably would rip my face off if I moved too close to them.  :D I love wildlife, especially the cute little babies.  <3 



    Escort? Is that what they call them nowadays?
    How much for a primotion? (only @NikeBG will get this one, but that’s part of the joke, as always)



    Czechs visit us on midsummer, because they consider us Slavic. Three eastern Slavic girls.

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