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    Often is stated  eastern Slavs are Tatars, Mongols, Asians, Siberians. Perhaps we are not as western and southern Slavs. In eastern Slavia Belarus was never under Tatar or Mongol rule , while Russia and Ukaine were.  Belarusians are related to eastern Slavs, Poles and Balts. Possibly, we are most Balto-Slavic culturally.  On anthropological maps we happened to be blond and blue eyed which we are not in my opinion. We are similar to Macedonians despite living in the north. I don’t care for our blondism. What do you think about our physical appearance and culture?


    Our most brunette people of southern Belarus – the Polshuks of Brest region.




    Belarusians look like Macedonians? Are you being serious? :)

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    yeah i didn’t get that part too, what did you mean with that?



    I think he meant politically Belarus is like Macedonia. They just want to be recognized and live in peace with their neighbors but perhaps some neighbors are trying to deny them that. Who knows? For not caring about blondism I find a topic dedicated to it a little obscure. 
    Admittedly, I know the least about Belarus than any other Slavic country/nation. Belarus just seems chill sort of doing their thing in the background not making too much noise. Perhaps it’s an ‘introverted’ Slavic nation compared to some more ‘noisy’ Slavs. 

    @Sviatogor, would you call this video accurate:



    @Xekoslav Some things are true, while other are not on this video. Espeically about tourists visiting Belarus. The country is most opened. Most people of the world including EU citizens can Belarus without a visa. The guy on this video is not Belarusian and doesn’t know Belarus.




    I exaggerated about our physical appearances. But Macedonians and Belarusians share similar religion and speaking a similar Slavic languages. :)



    @Sviatogor: Thanks for the response. I didn’t expect him to present Belarus with 100% accuracy since he’s not from there which is why I wanted to ask a Belerussian like yourself :). It seems like an interesting country and perhaps one day I will visit. Do most people in Belarus speak Russian as a first language or is Belarussian more popular now?



    Wow so blonde, Belarusians look like Aryans :D. The last girl looks very Baltic too me, I knew a Lithuanian girl with a similar look. The rest look like blond Slavs :)



    Interesting post.So I guess I will not need visa if i want to visit Belarus



    As suspected, the Belarussians seem to be the best-looking Slavs. And that whole general Baltic area seems to be something special, IMO.

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