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    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    TWO PEOPLE are reported dead and ten others injured after a grenade attack in Liege, Belgium. According to 7 Sur 7, the attack targeted a bus shelter at the Place Saint-Lambert and that three people are suspected of being involved in the attack. At least one of the attackers is thought to have been killed in the incident. Gunfire was also heard at the scene, Le Soir reports. The area has been sealed off.





    The attack comes a day after a Belgian court sentenced four members of a Pakistani family to prison for the murder of their law student daughter and sister in the country's first "honour killing" trial.

    Christmas Jihad?  False Flag?  Race War?  Terrorism? 



    Meh it just another pissed of shitskin which never should have come to the lands of his betters…



    Name of subhuman who was shot dead was Arabic. Is this any surprise? ::)


    Name of subhuman who was shot dead was Arabic. Is this any surprise? ::)

    I would be surprised if it was not  :-



    That's not linked with the Paki, the guy already got prisonned for possessing weed plants and a a lot of gun pieces.
    It looks like he suicided.



    They suppose this was an attacker :


    And this is the youngest victim :


    In last days there was news that the US government wish to send more soldiers to Europe in case of instability and riots! There are currently 80 000 US soldiers in Europe, mostly in Germany. Is this bomb attack another part of US strategy? I wouldn't be surprised.  ::)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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