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    Belorussian Barbie has become Muay Thai Champion

    There is a new female worldwide Muay Thai champion these days, a Belarus “Barbie” by the n…

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    The girl is three-time world champion and two-time champion of Europe in Muay Thai. Apparently, she is not a well known personality in Belarus. Probably because Muay Thai is not a popular martial arts in Belarus. A lot of people don’t believe her when she says she’s a world champion in martial arts. Those who know her asking what she’s doing in martial arts being so attractive. She says she’s a fighting character inside. She began attending martial arts because she wanted to enrol in Belarusian Academy of Interior Ministry (Police) believing martial arts will help her to get an offer from the academy.

    Ekaterina is training




    Ekaterina first entered martial arts when she was 16 for a world champion. Quite late I’d say. Before that she was attending choreography classes, volleyball and athletics.

    The best trophy she won was the best female Muay Thai boxer. That is she was best among the best female fighters. Only 3 fighters were awarded such trophy.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @Sviatogor well those are some serious punches!

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