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    Title said it all.



    Currently I’m into Stallaris: Utopia. One of the better space strategy games lately.



    as I wrote over there: TES III: Morrowind for a long period of time, status: waiting for Skywind mod. Other than that Mount&Blade and waiting for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Thinking about The Witcher 3



    My currently installed games:
    GTA 5 (+ many mods)
    BFBC2 (cracked version; Google “BFBC2 Project Rome”)
    Mass Effect Andromeda
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance (Beta)
    Skyrim (+ many mods)
    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (ET Legacy)

    But I don’t play that much. In the last couple of months I just played GTA 5 with a racing wheel. It’s fun. :D I’m planning to order a Cardboard and when I get it, I’ll try to play the game with my phone as a head tracker. :p



    I like to play games from a Polish company called Artifex Mundi. I like this Slavic game they did. I doubt you guys would like these, though.  :D Here is a review of Slavic Fable by Artifex Mundihttps://www.artifexmundi.com/

    This next one is also published by Artifex Mundi. I got this free from the Microsoft Store. :D Anyone ever play Vampire Legends: The True Story of Kisilova? The game is based on Peter Plogojowitz (Serbian: Petar Blagojević; died 1725), Serbian peasant who was believed to have become a vampire after his death and to have killed nine of his fellow villagers. The case was one of the earliest, most sensational and most well documented cases of vampire hysteria. It was described in the report of Imperial Provisor Frombald, an official of the Austrian administration, who witnessed the staking of Plogojowitz

    Vampire Legends: The True Story of Kisilova Collector’s Edition is an incredible adventure based on the true story of the first documented case of vampirism ever! Who or what is killing the townspeople of Kisilova? You and your partner are sent on an improbable journey by the Imperial Court in Vienna. You must investigate a series of strange deaths in a distant town, Kisilova, a far-off region of the Empire on the banks of the Danube River. The murders occurred under strange circumstances and people are fleeing the town in panic. There is a sense of urgency to solving the mystery, as townspeople are dying and it is up to you to find the culprit and stop the murders. In the end you will discover that things are not as they seem; you must put an end to the tragedy that has struck the unfortunate town of Kisilova. The game is based on the true story of one of the earliest and most well-documented cases of vampire hysteria. Mirko Stojkovic from Belgrade, professor of dramaturgy is the author of the screenplay.


    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Overwatch & Doom 4 :)



    @Karpivna I like those settings and stories, but I just can’t play point and click.



    Morrowind, Gothic, sometimes Rainbow Six: Raven Shield. 

    In another thread someone mentioned Captain Claw, I remember this game :D 



    @GaiusCoriolanus I did, I knew you’d know it. I actually got it from a Polish site, kapitanpazur.piasta.pl My brother and I played it as kids, I remembered it, this polish site was the first thing I found, it has all about that game.



    I played it a lot too in the past. It was an awesome game. There were also similar ones, for example Aladin. But I haven’t finished the latter.



    This Friday I will get 100Mbps network link at home. I may play some games. :)



    One of the first games I used to play was Age of Empires and the series has remained among my favourites. Heck, me and my classmates used to go to local “computer clubs” to play mostly this (or some Starcraft, and then some Tzar: The Burden of the Crown, and some CS, Quake, Unreal etc) and I actually learned to type quickly mostly by playing AoE (and using cheats, admittedly, but only in single). Since then strategies are my favourite genre, although lately it’s mostly the 4x (or at least turn-based) ones the most, like the Civilization games etc. RPGs are probably my second-favourite type, with M&B being at the top there (I like moddable games).

    I’ve played a fair lot of games in my time (certainly more than a couple of hundred), but lately I also haven’t had that much time. Over the last year, besides M&B and Civilization, I think I’ve played only Thea: The awakening (a Polish game based on Slavic mythology I’ve mentioned here before), the Mass Effect trilogy (for the first time, and I’m not an RPG purist, so I liked it quite well) and Endless Legend (another 4X game).

    P.S. I’ve never played DotA, though I recently attended the ESL Balkan championship for CS:GO and League of Legends and was pleasantly surprised, especially by the latter.



    Yeah, Mass Effect is a good stuff. Generally I don’t like games located in the future, but someone told me I will like this one and that person was right. If that would be a first person shooter it’d be even better, looking from the behind is not a good thing for me. 

    Online I spent the most time playing SWAT 4, and few years ago so more recently, Neverwinter. Now I don’t have a good device to play, nor normal Internet. If I would have a good computer right now then I’d be probably playing Stalker at the moment. ;)



    @NikeBG when we went to the “computer clubs” as you call them (we called it igraonica-game room) we mostly played CS 1.6 bunch of us would pay for an hour or two and play against each other. There were children who went to play other games, but I had my own PC.

    I too played a bunch of games, I don’t think I could remember everything. I started pretty early, in 1998 when we got our first PC, pentium 1 with 64Mb of RAM. All started with some Hugo (damn it was on a few diskettes), Arcade America from 1996 (downloaded it few years back again, pretty hilarious shit, but I didn’t speak English back when I first played it), Timon and Pumba/Lion king, than Outlaws from 1997 (I remember playing that i ’99 while areal danger sirens went of, I even have installed right now), Captain Claw,

    [upgrading to pentium 4 with 256Mb RAM, still functional, not used]

    Space Chickens, Jazz Jack Rabbit, Tactical Ops, Morrowind, GTA SA, GTA 3 (tried Vice City, not a fan), Serious Sam, Wings of War, Punic Wars, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Hitman, Max Payne, Gothic series, Tomb Rider Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown, Knights of the Temple, Warcraft III, Sims 1 and 2, Tropico, Roller Coaster Taycoon, Crazy Taxi, PES and FIFA, Call of Duty 1 and 2, Empire Earth 2, Total war games, Stronghold Crusader, huge mini game compilation circulating in those times known simply as 256 games, some WWE game, Mortal Combat, NFS Most wanted, NFS Carbon, NFS underground, Fable, Mafia II, Godfather, Oblivion, Skyrim, tried Witcher II didn’t keep me interested, M&B, Warthunder, Neverwinter (wanted to try some MMORPG, didn’t like it),
    I’ve got a pretty good laptop  three years ago, so I can play pretty much everything up to this year.
    I wanted to go chronologically, but that’s to big of a challenge.  This is what I remember from the top of my head, I missed many for sure, it’s almost 19 years of gaming after all. When I was a kid whole neighborhood always played the same game, if one got a game, everybody got the game :) In all of these years I maybe owned 3 games and that’s generous, I never bought a game and I don’t know many people who did.



    Stellaris. I play custom humans who eat sentient mushroom people. Mushrooms! Yummy.

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