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    Does anyone else have blended drinks a lot?  I don't mean cocktails at the bar, I mean as a meal replacement.

    I combine frozen vegetables and fruits (cheaper and can buy in bulk), Whey (the protein in Whey is useless as it is too quickly digested but it's a cheap calories and tasty), a vegetable supplement (Oximega Greens), Oatmeal Oats (easy calories and very cheap) and Cottage Cheese (Protein and very Slavic  ;D).  On that of all that, I take my multivitamins (which includes joint relief) and fish oil.  I think I have everything nailed down? 

    Often I will blend this all in the morning in a big batch (for five seperate meals in the day) consuming 2500 calories in the process.  I don't have regular food anymore unless I am sharing dinner with a guest.  Otherwise except for the Cottage Cheese (which technically can be frozen if need be), all my food has a long shelf life and thus I don't have to grocery shop much or spend an insane amount of money to cover my nutritional needs.

    I am living on my own so I don't have any children or young people to feed (they probably wouldn't accept the above diet).

    Prior to having surgery at the hospital, I was a regular Gym goer but wasn't having the gains I desired (as I was eating like crap and ignored vegetables and fruits).  I hope now with a better diet that I will see better gains and feel healthier.



    There is a low fat and calorie peanut butter called better n butter. I was on a liquid diet pre operation this last summer and after,  was in it for two more weeks.  I used this in protein drinks to get more protein without the calories.  Also made them more filling as well

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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