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    Just wondering if anyone has seen this wooden board game played in the Balkans?   My dedo (grandpa) had this wooden board game, and he called it “Yotch” in slavic – macedonian.  Also known as the Nine-Men-Morris board game.


    Just wondering if people have seen this board game played in the Balkans?  And whether it was a common board game?  Also if the name “Yotch” is familiar or do you have other slavic names for this board game?

    It appears the game origins date back to the Roman era, and was popular in England also.  The aim of the game is to align three pegs of your own colour in a row to enable you to take an opposition peg (provided that the opposition pegs weren’t in a row of three).  Once an opponent’s pegs are reduced to two remaining, then you are the winner.



    I think I played this with my brother when we were kids, we called it “mice” (meetse). I forgot to how to play it years ago.



    Dama! It’s an ancient game, I’ve seen it carved in stones on the walls of Pliska and Preslav. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was here from Roman times though – those soldiers sure loved playing games. And I quite liked this one as a kid myself.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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