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    Indeed, such beautiful Slavic children. :'( Really tragic that they belong to this disgusting draconian culture of islam.

    Here are more pictures of Bosniak kids (who nominally or not, are all muslim):



    They are future of Bosnia and I pray for them to see through darkness that those Ottoman pigs brought their ancestors.




    That's the point about which I am talking about all the time!!!
    Islam (less Christianity and Ortodox, but both of the either) are doing everything to delete our Slavic history, and the feeling that we are Slavs.

    Instead of that, there are many islamic asociations, like Mladi Muslimani (Young Muslims) – doing all they cant to install our kids the idea that: "Bosniak muslims are not the same as Croats and Serbs. We belong to the oriental and islamic culture, not european. Don't care about the lands that "unfortunately" talk simular to us, they are not our brothers – our brothers are on the Middle East".

    Islamisation is a fucking big problem here.. Old traditions (like Jurjevo, Perundan etc) are "not bosnian", because they are Slavic. Bosnian = Islamic.



    So, the problem is that there is a spiritual rift between peoples. It could be reconciled with a return to Slavic Paganism or with the realization that “Christo-Mohammadism” makes much more sense than “Judeo-Christianity” which makes none whatsoever. Christians and Muslims really have no real reason to hate each other, the hate is manufactured by those who manipulate these faiths now, and have done so over the past centuries. Just look at Christ, he looks like a Slavic Pagan, LMAO, he lived a humble life preaching to people about how they should respect one another. The Vatican Priests (most of them) and Arab Shieks (not all, but again most), on the other hand, are morally decrepit greedy fat fucks that look more like Jews than anything.



    Christianity came to Europe as an idea and was shaped here to its present form while Islam, on the other hand, developed fully in Arabian peninsula and then spread across the Mediterranean. There is no doubt that TEACHINGS of Islam and Christianity have some things in common but religion is much more than that. I will say freely that Europeans today generally do not believe in God but still their identity is shaped by the standards of western civilization – Christendom.  Bosnia was also created in the arms of the west and it will hopefully again embrace its true heritage and culture. Modern muslims in Bosnia in general are more similar to their Christian neighbors then to Turks and Arabs. I would say that they are ( I repeat – in general) muslims on paper but even that prevents them in reconciling with their ethnic origins. Its not strange that proper nationalism, pan-slavism etc. is represented among those individuals who left Islam for Atheism, Agnosticism, Rodnovjerje or even Christianity.  I just need to add that certain muslims in the Ottoman period and in time of Austria-Hungary had strong national Bosniak and Slavic identity. The most famous of them Mehmed-beg Kapetanović Ljubušak (19. century) thought of Bosniaks  as multi-religious  Slavic people and wrote this : " As far as Serbs and Croats, they are parts of south Slavic knightly people as we are too and we are on the first place.". He also wrote that Bosnia " can be everything but Turkish never".
    Ideas like these are the first step in abandoning Islam because muslims here dont "fear allah", islam is like some kind of tradition which can be annulled with advocacy for their true legacy. ;)



    In a sense, I agree with you 100%. While I see no real reason to Muslims and Christians to hate one another, this should be used to form a peace between traditional Islamic and traditionally Christian states – aka, between The Middle East and Europe. However, in terms of Slavic identity, shedding the Abrahamic religons in favor of original Slavic beliefs is also something I would support. But, not in any institutionalized sense. We don't need a clergy or priests and popes and all that.



    I agree. We have common ground in fighting Zionism.

    @topic: Great pictures.



    If Christianity has been absorbed and assimilated into various cultures around Europe, Asia and the Americas, what makes you so afraid of Islam? Mind you there are 20,000,000 Arab Christians… there more Arab Christians than Jews worldwide… Surely Slavic Islam looks different from Arabic Islam, and again I refer you to the fact that Islam and Christianity have more in common than people on both sides would care to admit. Not just in theology and faith, but the followers of each have common goals.



    For me Bosnians are rather a special and interesting kind of Slavs than something extremely Islamic and revolting due to it. It could be even very convenient for other Slavs to have in their family some representatives belonging to Islamic religion, who knows how to interact with the Islamic world. How here was said, it's not important what is a governmental faith, it's important how population of a country realizes its origin. Bosnians have to bond themselves with Slavs and not with Turks, Arabs, … – that's a real task to solve. They should have known that Slavs are not only Serbs and Serbian view of the world.
    What concerns living in peace together with Islamic people, I don't see there something difficult. Russia has a lot of experience in it. (don't mention Chechnya). I mean Tatars, Bashkirs and other Islamic folks in Russia. My grandfather lived in the village which had near it istead of Russian villages also Islamic (Tatar and Bashkir) and Mari villages. But there wasn't any trouble and quarrels between them. Only respect to each other and acceptance of others belief can result in the prosperous future life.



    Yeah, it is not so much about defending Islam, but Slavs who have chose to practice it. Since, Slavs or any people who practice Islam still believe that they are part of their nation's folk, unlike certain "chosen" people.



    I noticed most of you guys are very anti-bosnian muslim's or even bosnians of muslim origin. I dont know why you have problems but i have very good experiences with most bosnians. They are far less agressive than other ex-yugoslavians including us slovenians. In slovenia they are one of few foreign people who assimilate well into Slovenian society.

    They are just as Slavic as Russians, Poles, Belarus, etc. Sure they are muslims but that dosent mean anything. They are muslim slavs in their bosnian homeland. What about, Gorani, Pomaks, Torbeš and Bulgarian muslims? They are Musllim slavs as well and they have many slavic traditions.

    I think main reason that many Bosnians have become overy islamic is becouse of Yugoslav wars. Before this war many Bosnians were atheist or didnt bother so much with their muslim faith.



    I wouldn't say it's most of us, Povhec. ;) In fact, I would say most people here are either neutral or friendly to Bosniaks.
    It is only handful of individuals here who genuinely have something against them IMO.
    I have criticised their islam, but I have nothing against them as people personally. They are Slavs, like me.



    You can say it, no one will hate any of you for it. Islam is a plague brought to the Slavs in Bosnia, Serbia and Bulgaria by the conquering Turks. For those who have problems with Slavic muslims, you are going about this the wrong way. Support will win brotherhood of Slavs, not alienation. People will always search for support wherever they can find it. The fact remains, a Slavic muslim (Bosnjak, Sandjaklija, or Pomak) is a Slav who is indigenous to the European continent.



    Mountain regions like Igman and Bjelašnica have hamlets and villages with +60% of blonde/blue eyed people in them. There was report few months back, that in a village of Valsgradić two twin purple eyed girls were born Đejna(pronounced Jaina) 



    Well brother all I will do here is repeat an old East Bosnian saying “…there are more chances that a sparrow fart to crumbles a mountain than Bosniaks would renounce Islam.”(…veće su šanse da prdez vrabca smrvi planine nego da Bošnjaci napuste Pravovjerje.)

    Instead of wasting your time in this fruitless “de-Islamization” which would make Bosniaks more isolated from their Slavic brethren. I suggest that you see the historic efforts of Bosniazation of Islam which were abruptly ended by the Turks after the death of Hamza Bošnjak, and now today there is a pretty new moment with around 250 members called Nova Zora (founded by a few Bosniak patriots and 2 Scandinavian converts) which promotes that we simply stick to meritocratic spirit of Islam without  the Middle Eastern form (without any head cover, full equality between sexes in secular and religious life and prayers on Bosnian/European languages).

    Slava Bogu i Bosni brate!

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