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    One of my favorite bands:

    Bosutski becari is a pop-folk band (pop mixed with tamburica music) from Vinkovci (Slavonia), Croatia. The band was founded in 1981 and preformed mostly in Germany until 1991 when they returned to Croatia to enlist in the Croatian Army during the war. The band members were soldiers of the 109 Vinkovci Brigade of the Croatian Army (this brigade encountered a significant amount of dangerous combat) and along with their normal duties would perform on the front lines to inspire morale among the troops. They would perform for wounded soldiers and during and after the war they would perform free of charge for veterans and children (orphans). 

    They have a lot of great songs but the two most popular are ” Sad kada dosla si” (performed with the Dalmatian Capella group “Cambi” and probably the most popular ‘wedding dance’ song in Croatia right now” and “Samo jednom me pogledaj.”




    they pretty good, I like the pop culture of tambura in Croatia. Here tambura is seen as strictly traditional and folk instrument, I like traditional songs too, but this definition limits the potentials of this beautiful instrument. “Sad kada došla si” is probably my favorite love pop song.



    Mixing in traditional folk music like tamburica and klapa with modern music is Croatia’s version of folk mixing with modern music. Mixing metal with folk is rather popular too. I like it too especially since Balkan neighbors tend to copy mixing modern music with oriental sounding folk which I personally don’t find appealing but I can see how others do. 



    Oh, they seem pretty nice indeed!

    Btw, is there any Croatian folk which doesn’t include tamburicas? I’ve been trying to find some Croatian, Serbian and Bulgarian tracks that could fit as a soundtrack for one game set in the 9th-11th c., but have found next to nothing suitable from Croatia.

    Oh, and any examples of Croatian folk metal? I only know of Manntra (because they had a mix with a BG folk song). You can answer in another thread, if you want, though.



    @NikeBG, it depends on what kind of folk music you’re looking for. Tamburica is centered in northern Croatia (Slavonija) but has gained popularity all over the country especially tamburica in modern music. Another one is Klapa which is similar to Italian acapella which is centered in the Dalmatia region but popular throughout the country. 

    My favorite Klapa group “Cambi” for example:

    Folk metal would be Svarica and Thompson, those jump to mind right away.




    @NikeBG also this is a rock remake of an old folk song



    aaaand you just ruined your thread with Thompson, plus he’s not metal.



    @Dušan , he’s rock and a good deal of his songs incorporate metal/folk. Otherwise I don’t care for your opinion. His genre belongs in the thread. Ako ti se ne svidja bizi ca. 



    @Xekoslav  His genre belongs in the thread: “Bosutski bećari (Croatian pop/folk band)”. He belongs here as much as Baja Mali Knindža.



    Ok , so you clearly you’re an expert on Thompson’s music. You listen or what bro? ;) Maybe you’re one of those hundreds of people from your country that blow up Youtube comments on every single one of his songs, even new releases, 98% of which have nothing to do with your country. 

    Crypto fans. 

    Baja Mali Knindza who? That guy never got to same level not even close. It’s like comparing a Yugo to a Porsche. ;)

    Anyway this is not a thread about a particular singer, it was about bosutski becari and I was responding to a request by @NikeBG



    @Xekoslav no, I don’t think I ever commented on any chauvinistic songs. And yes, I’ve listened more than few of his songs. My friends and I used to listen to him when drunk just for fun. We mostly listened most popular ones and some from this album you posted. Knindža was never on the same level as him simply because he doesn’t steal songs, so Thompson could never reach him.. Not that I like his music either, Thompson is genre wise much closer to my taste. I could get pass everything other Perković does, ustashism on his concerts, but stealing other people’s work, that’s just shame for the profession, plus he even stole one četniks’ song…
    On topic Svarica too isn’t much of a metal band, but I do enjoy their music, I’ve listened everything they got and I really like it. Although their folk influences aren’t strictly Slavic/Croatian.



    @Dušan “Listen to him when drunk?” LOL I think that sums it up. Rakija tells the truth. lol

    The rest of your Thompson whine deserves no response but just continue listening to him in your basement with your friends where the public can’t hear you ;). It’s also derailing my thread.

    I get drunk and I never listen to patriotic Serbian music nor do I have the urge to but still I’d take it over Jugoslavija worshiping music. On that note genuine Serb national music like the Kosovo songs and Zali Zare are beautiful and true works of art. Svaka im cast. 



    I didn’t say that’s the only way we listened to him, in fact I don’t think that’s the prevailing case. Sometimes I just wanted to know, mostly because it was referenced in some movie, show, pages or in some post. I would never learn that “Anica, kninska kraljica” was just a stolen četnik song otherwise.. last time they listened I wasn’t there, but neighbors came to the door two or three times (not because of his music, but because of the noise they were making in general), they got some kind of warning from building manager, good guy, convinced neighbors not to call communal police that time. We don’t hang out in basements, that’s American thing, I guess you would know better…



    You don’t have to make up or justify to me listening to his music. If it appeals to you then fine but I think its just kind of funny that you would waste precious minutes of your life listening to someone you might despise. It suggests some kind of complex that’s evident with others that comment on his songs (the vast majority not necessarily wartime provocative songs- especially now). The guy’s music is domoljub and anti-EU. It’s a position lots of us support. The metal mixed with folk is just a nice addition that draws in people, even people we wouldn’t expect ;)



    @NikeBG How about this one or this one? Or something more like renaissance?

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