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    This healing can happen even from just watching his videos. 



    Oh God, this guy. I actually have the book “Novi Početak” by his now deceased mentor Ivica Prokić and, of course, it’s full of cosmic nonsense and passive-agressive jabs at his critics. I loved the “I will ascend when I have a kilo of gold on me” thing, but this guy’s “healing gaze” is a new level of impressive.
    These new age “healers” are a sad product of modern society’s insecurities.



    People in Russia are turning to magic to cope with problems.

    Why we turn to horoscopes and amulets

    Vladimir Ruvinsky


    Depressed and disoriented, Russians have abandoned reason for magical thinking, said Vladimir Ruvinsky. Over the past decade, as the economy stagnated and political protest was suppressed, ever more of us professed belief in “UFOs, sorcery, and clairvoyance.” More than one-third of Russians now think aliens have visited Earth. Even traditional religious belief is on the rise—sort of. Nearly 80 percent of Russians identify as Orthodox Christian, “but only 40 percent say they believe in God, and only 4 to 7 percent regularly attend church services.” Rather than true Christian belief, says pollster Lev Gudkov, Orthodoxy is a “paternoster against misfortunes, a certain insurance for the afterlife.” That same longing has fueled growth in the use of charms and talismans. Two-thirds of Russian women say they “turn for help to magicians, fortune-tellers, and psychics.” Analysts note that this superstitious behavior began with the collapse of the Soviet Union and has accelerated ever since. People felt adrift, and they longed for “help from external powers”—which also explains the hero worship of President Vladimir Putin. And our president encourages superstition, because it “squeezes out critical thinking.” A gullible populace is easy to rule.



    @Karpivna A similar thing to what I’m seeing in Slovenia. More and more people seem to be longing for some sort of comfort and become easy prey. About two weeks ago some non-denominational Christians tried to convert me and the preacher immediately criticised my “philosphical nature” when I asked him some questions, because I should “simply accept redemption”. Their man argument was that I would feel great.
    I also saw a video about some sort of mystical alternative clinics operating in Russia. Do you happen to know anything about this?

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Lmao that look :D are Americans really nuts to believe this stuff?



    @Perun America was developed by a religious cult (those crazy Pilgrims), so why not embrace Braco? :D



    If you want to experience Braco’s Gaze for yourself, he will be live streaming from Croatia on his website August 30, 31, & September 1, 2016. Braco is also very popular in Germany, Russia, The Netherlands and Switzerland. He will be in Slovenia in September 2016. 


    @Kust  Ivica’s birthday will be celebrated in Zagreb on August 4th, 2016. Some people think Braco killed his mentor Ivica. Ivica died under mysterious circumstances in 1995 while on holiday with Braco. The two were alone on a beach in South Africa, when Braco says a “rogue wave” swept Ivica away after he had first taken off all of the gold jewelry he traditionally wore along with his socks and wallet.



    Some time ago we had a similar guy in Poland.


    It was even in national TV.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Lmao that Polish one is even better than Braco :D 



    @Karpivna I hope those rumors are false. Reading the book it seems like he really trusted Braco, even stating that he was his reincarnation and that he would give his life for Ivica.

    @GaiusCoriolanus Hah, I was going to ask you if you had anything similar to our Kosmika TV in Poland, but just by googling the name I found out you actually do. My condolences.



    e past, but I r@Kust, unforutnately we do. Thankfully there are people who sometimes call to troll these wizards. Although I am not sure if this still is in TV, or if is only a relic of the past but I certainly remember that that channel.

    EDIT: Wait, not this particular one but some designed for predicting future and other ridicilousness.



    Some time ago there were many healing people уб former USSR. Most known were Anatoly  Kashpirovsky and Alan Chumak. Alan Chumak was energing water to heal allergies, cardiovascular , digestive tract and many diseases.

    Kashpirovsky was a psychotherapist, while Chuma was energising water and food. Many people watched them. :)

    Anatoly Kashpirovsky of Ukrainian descent : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatoly_Kashpirovsky
    Alan Chumak : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Chumak




    Braco in Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia on February 7th, 2018

    Experience the healing powers of Braco’s Gaze via Livestream.

    20 years of Braco’s Healing Gaze.



    the guy is an idiot, heard of him years ago. Hes a complete scam and the balkans are full of these types of scams. 



    I submit that this guy is likely not an idiot, but rather his “fans” are.
    There’s a saying that goes: “It’s not him that eats the whole pie that’s mad, but the one that lets him”.

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