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    The Polish prime minister has lashed out at David Cameron’s calls to scrap the overseas payments of child benefit for the children of UK-based immigrants, calling them “unwarranted and unacceptable”.
    Speaking at a press conference, Donald Tusk, the leader of Poland’s centre-right government, vented Polish anger over the Prime Minister’s proposals made in a speech on Sunday that singled out Poles, and promised Poland would veto the changes to EU treaties the proposed adjustments to child benefit laws would require.
    “We will not agree to changes that would stigmatise any particular national minority,” Mr Tusk declared. “Prime Minister Cameron has the right to change the rules in his country but they must apply to all beneficiaries of the system; not just a specific group. Nobody has the right to single out Poles as a particular group that abuses or exploits something.”
    The Polish prime minister branded the Cameron proposal as “unwarranted and unacceptable” and added that he would speak with his British counterpart on Wednesday to “clarify the issue”.
    Mr Cameron’s idea to stop child-benefit payments for children living in their home country while their parent—or parents—work in the UK, and to single out Poles in process, had riled many in Poland.

    There is a widespread feeling the hundreds of thousands of Polish immigrants now in the UK have become the target of populist politicians and are being tarred with the same brush as benefit cheats: a feeling aired by Mr Tusk.
    “Many times I have seen Englishmen behave, to put it delicately, reprehensibly in Krakow, Gdansk or Warsaw, but it never occurred to me use their loutish behaviour to smear everybody from Britain,” said the prime minister.
    Mr Tusk’s attack on the British government came just hours after Radek Sikorski, Poland’s Oxford-educated foreign minister, had also fired a barrage of criticism at the UK.
    In a BBC interview Mr Sikorski said: “It seems the UK prefers a situation where the Polish state meets the education and healthcare costs of the children of Polish citizens who are British taxpayers.”end




    I don't ge British people and their problem with Poles ???



    British politicians are hypocrites. Be that as it may, if someone has a problem with the way the Brits wanna run their country he shouldn't go there. Problem solved.



    Brits prefer Blacks, Arabs, Hindus, all except the Poles and other Slavs, hypocrites!



    cameron has been using xenophobic populism to pool voters for some time already.
    child support for children without uk citizenship and living outside uk shouldnt be paid at all.



    Cameron is even 1/4 Jewish and 1/4 German.How is it possible to be xenophobic?


    Cameron is even 1/4 Jewish and 1/4 German.How is it possible to be xenophobic?

    They do anything for a vote. Hate on Poles is beyond ridiculous on their part, i mean, Poles are probably only normal immigrants that assimilate most well, they're religiously similar, and hell they even fought on British side during ww2 (the famous Polish unit in British RAF )…

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