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    Bulgaria Is Full Of ‘Squat Shops’ Where People Have To Squat To Buy Stuff

    Let us introduce to you a small business that is called Squat Shop, they are very popular in Bulgaria ever since late 80’s when private ownership and production was legalized.

    Read the full story here



    Has Slavic “Entrepreneurship” gone too far?



    A neat way to look under skirts. And you also earn money as a positive side effect. :D Good job, Bulgarians! :D



    Forget the “Squat Shop.” If I was in Bulgaria right now, I would be celebrating “Fairy Week.”  

    RUSALII, SHAMEN AND WITCH DOCTORS: Rusalksa Sedmitsa, Fairy Week, is in full swing in Bulgaria. It’s a time when the rusalii/rusalki (water and wood nymphs active at this time of year) sing and dance in their sacred meadows and by their favourite springs and pools. They must be given due respect, and any human who strays onto their sacred ground is punished with fairy sickness. The sickness can only be cured by magical rites to appease the nymphs or, in northern Bulgaria, by ritual groups of men called rusaltsi / rusalii or kalushari, who possess special healing powers during this week.

    The rusaltsi / kalushari dance through the village and fields, and when they find someone with fairy sickness, they lay them on a rug or blanket and dance around them in increasingly wild shamanic abandon until s/he revives. It’s an intriguing healing rite that was probably introduced by Romanian settlers (“kalushari” is a Romanian word) between the 16th and 18th centuries but it may have ancient Thracian origins.

    There are variations on rusalii/rusalki throughout the Slavic world. In some areas rusalki are the ghosts of young women who have drowned or died violently before their time but this is not typical in Bulgarian folklore.



    Oh, someone’s subscribed to A Spell in Time! :)



    @NikeBG “Spell in Time” is awesome. One of my favorite sites. 

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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