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    Bulgarian princess that was ‘BUILT INTO’ a stone Chruch

    Botevgrad. Bulgaria – There are many ways your life can lead you to, but the Bulgarian Princess from Shishman Dynasty of the second Bulgarian Empire didn’t think she will end up built in a stone church for sure.

    Read the full story here



    Lmao, they were like:

    worker: “Boss, we have no more bricks”

    boss: “okey take that Princess there and built her in”

    worker: “sure boss, she’ll fit just fine”



    this is an ancient belief. it is said that when a new house was built, you are supposed to build in the shadow of a maiden to protect the home, sooo… this is a proof that Bulgarians actually have been doing this. i always knew that story, but didn’t imagine it to be true….



    There are folk songs that mention this. Usually the foreman has to build in his young wife as a sacrifice to fulfil his duty.



    in epic poem “Зидање Скадра/Zidanje Skadra” (Building of Skadar) wife of the youngest of three Mrnjavčević brothers building the city is built into the foundation in order to prevent fairy (vila) from destroying it.



    Aye, it’s a popular story. I talked about it with a Serbian friend some months ago and discovered there was a somewhat similar belief even as far as Japan. Still, building a shadow into the foundation is somewhat more popular here (although it still results in the death of the “built-in” woman, at least according to the stories).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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