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    A regular question we encounter from clients inquiring about Ukraine property is whether or not hey are permitted to own real estate in Ukraine, even if they are not a citizen.

    And the simple answer is yes, there are no restrictions. Providing that you are in receipt of a valid passport and a Ukrainian tax code, then no matter from which country you are from, you can buy and own property in Ukraine.

    Before we go any further, what is a tax code I hear you ask? This is a document that provides individuals with a unique number, very similar to a social security number in the US or a national insurance number in the UK.

    It takes around one week to get a tax code and this is something that we take care of on behalf of our clients and is not something that you need to worry about when buying property in Ukraine from us.

    Having a Ukrainian tax code allows you to do a variety of things in the country, namely opening up a Ukrainian bank account and opening utility services in your personal name. So it is important to make sure you get one.

    Property buying in Ukraine can be done in two ways; either with you present to sign the purchase of sale and then later (once the legal checks have been done), the final documents of sale such as the notary deeds.

    Being present int he country at a certain time to complete sale documents is not always convenient and for clients that cannot make it, it is not a problem. We will send to you power of attorney documents which you ail sign, notarise and then legalise (by apostille) in your home country and then send to us.

    With these documents we will be able to represent you and complete the sale in your name.

    Typical conveyance fees in Ukraine will include a Governmental tax of 1% of the property value, a notary fee, after sale document registration fee and an admin/legal fee.

    The notary and after sale registration fees are connected with the price of a property and will vary depending on the value.

    In general, foreigners can purchase any type of property in Ukraine with the exception of agricultural land. Any land that is classed as farmland must either be owned by a Ukrainian national or the land must be re-registered.

    In some cases, rural properties in Ukraine will occassionally come with agricultural land and UAP has the knowledge and experience to ensure that this gets correctly registered to our clients.

    For further details about buying in Ukraine please do not hesitate to contact Uaproperty.com. We have assisted English speaking buyers to successfully purchase and own Ukrainian real estate for over 11 years and hope to help you too!

    (From http://www.uaproperty.com)


    TODAY’S SPECIAL REAL ESTATE DEAL IN UKRAINE. I’d buy this. It is a steal at 7500 USD. All the Ukrainian castles are sold.  :'(

    We’re particularly excited about this propety offer in Ukraine as it is not just for one house but two are included in the sale. And that isnt all! There is a total of 5000m2 of land (over an acre) complete with mature fruit trees included too. It’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of busy modern day life and into your own tranquil world.

    The main house is built in the traditional Ukrainian style and has plenty of charm…and plenty of potential! The house is in need of TLC and would benefit from modernisation to bring it up to Western standards.

    Next door is the second building which comprises of two rooms, a kitchen and a large veranda to sit in during the hot summer days. This could be extended or modernised to be used as additional accommodation in conjunction with the main house.

    Both properties have an electrical supply and water is supplied via the well that can be seen in the photos. There is also a cellar, outside WC and outside shower.

    The 5000m2 of land comprises of a lawned area, around both houses, and plenty of fruit trees. Even a tree house for the children. Most of the plot is flat and benefits from having good quality soil; ideal for cultivating your own fruit and vegetables and enjoying a self sufficient lifestyle.

    One half of the land is classed as privatised and the remaining 2500m2 is classed as agricultural land. This cannot be owned outright by non-Ukrainian citizens however, the sale will include full rights to this land.

    There is a real sense of being in your own world at this property yet it is in fact located close to the centre of a friendly village. Walking distance away is the village shop and the area is well known for its outstanding natural beauty. On the edges of the village there are two beautiful lakes that are known for their clean water and excellent fishing.

    The unspoilt forested hills are home to a wide range of flora and fauna including roe deer and hares. Or why not go to forage delicious, buttery Chanterelle mushrooms or wild strawberries that grow throughout? Enjoy the fresh air and realise that you are finally relaxing.

    And despite being totally peaceful, the property is only 5 km the historic town of Bohuslav, with 4 times daily bus services to the town and the nearest large village. It’s 125km from the capital Kiev, where most buyers in the area come from. The area has interesting historical buildings and natural attractions, which we attach some pictures of here.



    This house probably does not have sewerage. So bio-toilet or  toilet outside . It’s bit unpleasant and cold in winters. There is probably to water too which you will need to get from well. You have to buy wood and coal for stove.  If the house has all those facilities, then its price will be higher.  Imagine how you will be getting shower in such house.



    @Sviatogor that hose on the ground going to the house being build next to this one makes me think there is running water in this house. The house probably has septic pit, which if maintained properly isn’t much of a problem, of course sewerage is better. You’re probably right for the wood and coal, but I don’t see nothing wrong with that. My town hasn’t got gas pipeline yet, we all buy wood and coal. Of course, it’s another thing to have on the mind, but nothing too problematic. House probably does have a well which can be used for heating with a heat pump anyway.

    But then again I’ve just noticed that washbowl and a rag by the door, so I could be wrong, but it looks like those two black things (carpets?) were being washed.




    I’ve seen many rural household that use buckets to take sewerage water out. Wash-stand, wash-basin and bucket below. Something like this : https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%8B%D0%B9-%D1%83%D0%BC%D1%8B%D0%B2%D0%B0%D0%BB%D1%8C%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%BA-21707563.jpg

    In villages people wash themselves in banya and childer in basins. Of course, many things can be done such as buying electric boiler or gas boiler and gas heater to heat the house using large gas cylinders that often are dilivered on regular basis. I read gas is expensive in Ukraine today.  And construct ceptic pit and install water pump to pump water in containers. It all cost money.  There is a small number of houses in villages where people still use traditional stoves for cooking. Usually, if property is cheap, then the house is either old that needs rennovation or lacks many facilities or both



    You know, it’s in the original post:
    “Both properties have an electrical supply and water is supplied via the well that can be seen in the photos. There is also a cellar, outside WC and outside shower.”

    Btw, I’ve seen cheaper properties (in similar conditions) for sale in Bulgaria as well (I’ve got a friend who wants to move to BG and regularly checks the prices), but the main asset of that Ukrainian property is the 5000m2 yard.



    Those outside showers in rural areas are useable in summer time only. Similar to those found at the beaches except water is often heated by sun light. http://idei-dlia-dachi.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/kupit-letneyi-dush-dlia-dachi.jpg

    Cellar is pretty much a norm in rural household where people keep produce..

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