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    So This Post is just me Trying to find not my Family Roots but rather the Meaning of the Surname, I was born to a Lithuanian family in Vilnius, My Mother father, My grandfather A Half Belarussian, Hails from a Belarussian Boyar Family, who he claimed were once very Prominent in Hrodna, The Surname is Voitiukevic/Vaitiukevic, It has been Lithuaniszised as Vaitiukevicius, I am Very interested in My Grandfathers Boyar roots, And they are also my own, In my childhood i was shown the families Coat of Arms/Banner Which was a Green Plaque with a white stork and Bison, And learned much family Lore from my Grandfather, Such as the story of how hes Hes Grandfathers two older brothers Alexi and Yaroslavl Fought in the 1861-1864 rising near Hrodna. However the Etymology of the Surname is both unknown to me and my Grandfather if any one knows were it comes from or what it means id appreciate it if you left a comment bellow. 

    My only Guesses.

    Voin (Warrior) So as to give the beginning Letters Voi[tiukovic.

    It may derive from a personal name E.G. Voislav.

    Or Might be a deriviate of the Lithuanian surname Vaitkus, Which comes from the name Vaitiukas/Vaitukas. Very similar to Vaitiukevic. 

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Judging by the surname end, “ic” it certainly is at least Slavicized. You probably are on a good clue about it derives from Voislav however someone of our East Slavic members such as @Sviatogor could be of more help in this if he is willing to help you out. 




    Welcome to the forum.

    Hrodna region of Belarus and south-eastern Lithuania has unusual mix ethnicities and cultures layering one on another in the last 1,000 years.

    There is a surname Vajtukievič but not Vojtukievič in Belarus. Ukraine and Russia also have this surname which may suggest it’s Slavic origin. This surname is much more frequent in Belarus than both Ukraine and Russia combined despite Belarus is a small nation. Given that it is more common in Belarus from Hrodna and many Belarusians migrated in Russi and Ukraine then Baltic etymology cannot be ruled out.

    On one Russian specialised website (UFOLOG) which I often consult I found two etymologies: http://www.ufolog.ru/names/order/Вайтукевич

    1. Surname was formed from two words Vaja (Fern branch) and ‘Tuk’ (fat) . Such nickname could be given  to an overweight person.

    2. Surname is derived from word Vajkit (noise). In other word a noisy person. I don’t even know such word. I could not find it in dictionaries. Maybe in dialectical dictionaries? Dialects of north-western Belarus has around 1,200-1,300 Baltisms.

    The first option is more plausible. But I don’t like either of them. It’s such an odd combination of fern branch (plant in forest) and fat to apply to an overweight person.

    I like Lithuanian etymology better Vaitiukas/Vaitukas. Given that Hrodna region have autochthonous Balts living to this day I will not be surprised it is right one. We have man Belarusians who surnames with Lithuanian etymology .

    PS The site above is Slavic oriented . Authors may not know Lithuanian etymology.

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