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    under the right leadership it absolutely could happen, and I am a big supporter of the creation of a pan-Slavic state, in a union similar to the EU as Dusan said. nationalism has become a terrible thing. instead of solely focusing on our own cultures, we focus more on distancing ourselves from our neighbors. we are all brothers, and it is completely possible to maintain each country’s unique language, culture and heritage. and all of this can exist under one united pan-Slavic state. hopefully we can begin steps toward this in the future



    You can’t even get yugoslavs back together w/o bad blood, let alone all the slavs. I reckon every slavic country has faction that would love all slavs united, and larger faction of nationalists not wanting anything to do with any of the other states.

    Personally, I feel most important thing would be for slavs to stop attacking each other. Russia and ukraine, Poland borrowing nato nukes in case russia goes towards them, serbs, croats and bosnians apsolutelly must work out a way to tolerate eachother, and even to cooperate, which thanks to globalistic desert religions isn’t happening.

    If that is in anyway achievable, that should be priority over union.



    First, one should curb aggressive kelronacionalizam. If it succeeds, it is not a problem to figure out some way proportional participation in the organization of the common state of each nation. And finally rein in aggressive nationalism, which are always to break the community, and the rule of others for their own interests.



    Yes, yes. Reign in the nationalists and everyone else who’s not a complete retard and you’ll be well on the way to creating the Magic Fairy Kingdom. Just hurry up before the damn Nemtci get there first. Cos they have a head-start.



    Only in case of NATIONAL SOZIALISM ! Slavic Empire and German Reich, those two national socialist empires would be 1000 year Empire with out any doubt! Why only in national socialist case, as Serb, I know what is klero-nationalism and this is so stupid and moronic, no one cant put anything above our own Blood! Religion is matter of individual and only islam is primitive, so primitive that it could affect national socialism as something what must control one country or better, Slavic Empire!
    We must not forget, Germans are also separated in religion, but Slavs can use this as an perfect example, Germans are Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Christians, but they united and made strongest Empire ever!
    Save own Race and Nation, stop THE IMMIGRATIONS! ! ! We must be awa



    @”Чиста Крв” pure bullshit.



    I haven’t heard of Orthodox Germans before. They’re probably as numerous as the Bulgarian Mormons, for example.



    Hello there,
    I wrote before on similar topic. I read here some new arguments against SU, such as bigger slavic nations would try to dominate smaller slavic nations, examples like russians would try to assimilate balarusians, ukrainians. Serbs would try to assimilate macedonians, bosnians etc…
    I can withness that always bigger/dominant countries dominate smaller ones, for example in Croatia the youth start to use more and more english words in everyday talk, in Italy also, the rules of english language/culture are slowly entering italian language/culture evan we are not neighbours to USA. USA dominates the world with it’s culture trough movies, songs, politics etc…. but I see some of people here are afraid of Russian/ Serbian or influence of some other slavic country, but they are not afraid of USA influence. Culturally I think slavic countries can cause us less damage than USA, cause USA is not slavic country as you know… but nobody here complains about their influence, but some people complain on on russian influence… haah… You see. we communicate here in english and nobody complains… but if we would communicate in russian some people might see it as a problem… and that is a problem I see, my slavs… ;)

    I like the idea of Pan-Slavic state because I live in small country and other big EU countries treat us like we are 5 yrs old kids, but Pan-Slavic state would be very dangerous, we would be very powerful, where there is lots of power, lots of potential danger I’m afraid… still… very romantic idea this Pan-Slavic state….

    Thank yoou for reading my post :) Cheers



    As far as I know, except Poland and Bulgaria, all other Slavic countries are 100% secular, so I don’t get your point about desert religion.

    This is perhaps so in countries such as England, Norway or Greece where state religions exist.



    State is impossible, but confederation can work. First thing we need to do is todefine is ideology of panslavism, extend it. Let’s face it, panslavism is not developed enough.
    Second thing we need to do is to eliminate hate the between Slavs. Croats and Serbs, Russians and Poles and so on. We need to fight against discrimination.
    We need a education reform, in my motherland Serbia in schools kids don’t even know that Slavs have mythology. We don’t learn that. Many people don’t know that they have Slavic origin.
    We need to create Slavic nationalism.
    We need a language reform, Southslavic, Westslavic and Eastslavic language are very different and grammar is terrible.
    We need to educate people that they are Slavs.
    All this would take years, decades.
    Sorry for my bad English. I speak English fluently but grammar is the problem.



    @”Stevan Petkov” all of what you just said is very naive, but you look like a young lad so its normal.

    Hate is product of uncertainty and infirmity. People hate because they are afraid of something/someone. Mostly afraid someone not to be better then they are, and thus take their place(just about everywhere where it matters – school/work/personal life).

    Reforming the languages at this point would be very hard, as there are too many people, and not too many willing to learn new language(remember Europe is the continent of the old, if you exclude Albania, I think each country is older then 35).

    If you want to promote Slavic mythology to the kids you don’t need to teach them in schools. I’m pretty sure if you ask some random kid on the street that it won’t know who Baal, Nyx and/or Janus were, so what they learn about Classic Greek/Roman/Eastern mythology is irrelevant. Only relevant thing for modern kids is games/social networks. If someone tries to promote mythology to the kids then it would be through the video games.

    In reality any kind of Slavic federation/state would happen if some countries are rich, but “kind hearted”(that is have some interest) and others too poor. Then there would be some sort of union/confederation, whatever, as in the last few decades money is the main engine.



    And we would communicate in English I suppose, as we do now.
    I don’t believe in any pan-Slavic, or any other pan-Something states.
    There should be in future one government, that I am somehow sure will happen in some stage of worlds evolution. But I hope that would be something like in Star Trek and not some dystopian shit they are feeding us in movies…



    How about an actual union union?



    It sounds good on theory, but not so great in reality. Some Slavs hate each other (Russians and Ukrainians, the South Slavs, etc.) and I don’t think they can function together in an alleged Slavic state. The other reason is that some countries like Russia aren’t only Slavic, but have a shit-tone of minorities that go with them. Balkan countries have non-Slavic minorities. Will that affect the artificial country? 
    Even if that country is created I don’t see it lasting for long because of the political tensions that are still happening between the Slavic countries. 



    One day our troops will march again and fulfill our nation’s destiny – the unification of all Slavdom. Blessed are those who do their part and those who witness it. But first we shall retake Constantinople and raise the cross on Hagia Sophia again. Those who have ears let them hear.

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