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    Ah yes, the sad life of a Wend. Living in Minnesota, I am half Wendish. Anways, i'm the only Wend I know in my community, and if I were to boast about it people wouldn't know what to think. Wendish? You mean you eat at Wendy's?

    :'( Being Wendish SUCKS.

    So, I have been learning more about Wends, and I found that many, when asked, consider themselves to be Polish. Just because idiots don't know what the Wendish culture is. But I don't blame em', we don't have a country and there are few of us out there.

    Anyways, I learned that during WW1 and WW2 especially, Wends living in Australia, England, U.S., were often lumped with Germans, which we Wends HATE. Nothing more do I hate than being called a German, especially since it was the Germans that colonized the Wendish lands in the first place and almost* made us extinct.

    Mainly, iv'e noticed Wends just say they are Polish. After all, we are both Lechitic. I'd say the Wends could have a similar case as the Kashubs, both Lechitic.

    So, what do you guys think? Should we Wends consider ourselves to be Poles just as the Kashubs do? Thanks guys.



    I thought Wend is a broad term applied to western Slavic peoples living in German or near German border which include Lusatian Sorbs, who are not Lechites themselves. I need to to know the language or dialects your ancestors spoke and the region in which they lived before  forming my own opinion. :)

    Welcome to the forum! :)



    According to some theories Venedy (Veneds) is the name of old Slavic tribes who lived on the territory of todays Poland and East Germany, but don't ask me about the details  :)



    @Sviatogor Thanks, glad to be here! :) And my ancestors were from Mecklenburg, Bad Doberan. I believe they spoke Polabian.



    Terms Wendisch, Windisch, Vinden, etc. are old German words for Slavs. Differance is south German speeches had i in Windisch and north e in Wendish. With time term became obsolete for most Slavs while some like Slovenes and Sorbs were still called with such names respectevly till modern age. Btw Polabian supposed to go extinct by cca 18th century how a hell do you know your ancestors spoke it? :P As far as i know ppl of Wendish identity in USA are all of Sorbian stock and everything under term Wendish is Sorbian in modern times.



    @Povhec I know because our family is very into our roots, and being from Bad Doberan I can assume they did, Doberan is Polabian. I don't think my ancestors were Sorbs. Unless all Wends are Sorbs??



    @Sviatogor Thank you, i'll take a visit there. The Polabian Slavs (which were my ancestors) broadly known as Wends, were very closely related to Poles I believe, Polabian Slavs are Lechitic. I just wonder if we can consider ourselves Poles so there will be no confusion amongst whom we boast about it to. I mean, Kashubs do.



    @Wendish The Wendish community living in Australia is claiming their ancestry from Lusatia , Lower Saxony. 

    This article is the work of Marlene Fennel and was published in the November 2007 Newsletter of the 'South East Family History Group Inc' (South Australia). We thank them for permission to reprint the article on our website.
    A Brief History of the Wends/Sorbs.
    This ethnic group is the smallest of the eleven Slavonic language groups living in north-
    eastern Europe. They live in Lusatia in the German states of Saxony and Brandenburg.
    Lusatia in German is Lausitz and in Wendish it is Luzici.
    Bautzen is the centre for the Upper Lusations whilst Cottbus is the centre for the Lower Lusdations. Each has their own dialect. The Lower Sorbs are more related to the Polish language, whilst the Upper Sorbs are more like Czech.
    In 2006 it was estimated that the population was 100,000. They are located approximately 60 kms south-east of Berlin and extend southwards for 125kms.
    The land ranges from swampland in the north, across a sand plain to mountains in the south. The area is irrigated from the Elbe and Oder rivers, and from approximately 100 lakes.



    @Sviatogor Thanks!! However, what about the Kashubs? They can say they are Polish and get away with it >.< damn you Donald Tusk!! I sure hope that all Lechitics can consider themselves Poles, otherwise i'll have to teach everyone I tell about the wends.  :- which would kinda suck. Even you yourself didn't know we were still around. xD



    I do have a little Polish blood anyways, but I am a lot more Wendish.



    Why do you have Cossacs in your avatar. It is a bit confusing  ;)



    @Prelja There. The winged hussars should represent my Polish roots at least  ;D



    I don't have a clue who or what Wends are, but welcome to the forum



    @Shaokang See guys? The PAIN of being a Wend. Oh well, thanks for the warm welcomes guys, forum seems awfully friendly. I think i'll stay  ;D



    @Wendish Our badass cavalry, good choice  :D

    Welcome to Slavorum :)

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