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    Hey. I would just like to ask you, if you’re able to see glagolitic.
    Can you see, for example, the following text?

    Ⱄⰾⰰⰲⱁⱃⱆⰿ ⰻⱄ ⱇⰰⱀⱅⰰⱄⱅⰻⱌ

    I’m just curious, because I was trying to post some messages to someone through Skype and Messenger but only I could see the characters.  :#
    I’m wondering, if Slavorum supports glagolitic.  o:)



    This depends on whether or not the font on the client side has glagolithic glyphs.



    @aaaaa Yea, I know, but if a website specifies its own font, it should be used for all clients, right? And if the font contains glagolitic chars, everyone should see it. Am I right?



    Well, I can see it. Slavorum is fantastits? Ⰽ would have been a better choice at the end.



    @NikeBG Yea. :) Can you read glagolitic, or you looked on an alphabet?



    I can read some of the letters, deduced the others and then remembered I have a page marker in the book in front of me, which has the Glagolitic and Old-Cyrillic letters, along with their names and modern-Cyrillic versions.



    Well, there are font substitution trees, but generally if the client can find the font specified by the site that’s what it will use. (you can still override it).



    @NikeBG Yea, I know that ⱌ is a ts sound and ⰽ is a k sound but since the first one is c in latin (and used by English in the word), I kept it.

    @aaaaa Thanks for the info.



    I don’t see it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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