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    Have you ever considered changing your surname? I did. Mine is top 15 most common surnames in Serbia and it has greek name in it which i dont like. I was thinking of something more cooler like Zmajevic or something. :) Also surnames didnt exist before so i dont think i should preserve it or something.



    Bonsek Zmajević, sounds cool



    What about Trolljević, seems more apropriate. :) Personally, I'm not for changing surnames. How else shall your enemies know what you really are? ;D I wouldn't change mine.



    Bonsek surnames existed always, but they didn`t use it like we use it today. So in some way it is preserving something, mostly a coomon heritage of a broder family. For example: in my village in Dinara region (bosinan side) all people with the same surname consider that they are members of "tribe" pleme, and then we divede ourself by our grandfathers or someone from our family heritage, (for example i`m Jakić part of the family, because my great grandfather was Jakov, but in the same time i have name atrributes from my grandfather). I think it is cool, and not needed to change :) Of course I have ordinary name and surname, but in village chronology i have a larger surname hehe

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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