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    In near village Jevišovka (since Charvatská) is Croatian Festival. In this region is lots of Croatian village, but in commie era, croats was asimilited or moved in all republic.

    V Jevišovce (dříve Fröllersdorf, Charvatská, Frélichov,) je tradiční Kiritof, festival Moravských Chorvátů. Vesnice dříve byla Chorvatská, ale s nástupem komunistické éry byli obyvatelé násilně přesídlení do vnitrozemí a počeštění.

    Jestli někdo umí Anglicky, může sem napsat o tom něco? :p Děkuji.



    A good site about them; http://www.cro-eu.com/forum/index.php?topic=557.15 It is all in Croatian language however. According to that source if i understood right most Moravian Croats speak Čakavica and have settled here around 1584. They mostly came from areas of old Modruško-riječka županija, old Ličko-krbavska županija, Slunj, etc. National costumes of Moravian Croats;

    [img height=500]http://cro-eu.com/galerija-fotografija/albums/userpics/10001/65-Narodna_nosnja_moravskih_Hrvata-Frollersdorf_%2868%29.jpg” />

    [img width=700 height=498]http://cro-eu.com/galerija-fotografija/albums/userpics/10001/Hrvati%20iz%20Morave.jpg” />

    According to Wiki;

    The migration of the Croats to Moravia got the attention of ethnographers, linguists, and historians in that era. The first mention of Croats was at the end of the eighteenth century. They tried to explain the reasons for the migration of the Croats from their ancestral homeland. They believed that the colonization of the Croats started from the Croatian regions south of the Kupa and Petrova Gora, better known as Banska Krajina [or today Banovina], was summarized by Adolf Turek.

    A saying of the Czech Croats was "We are a people of three languages." Of all the national minorities, only the Croats were trilingual. They spoke German, and Czech and nurtured Croatian at home. Considering that they often used Czech and German in schools, churches, public administration, the grammar and vocabulary of the Moravian Croats did not remain untouched. The Croatian Čakavian Ikavian language was mixed with loan words of both Czech and German origins. Croatian is not studied in Czech schools, so the majority younger generation does not speak it. The older generation of Czech Croats preserved the language, culture, and customs by gathering in organizations and reading magazines in Croatian.

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