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    The Future of Rus (Ruthenia) is being formed in the present moment. Much harm has been caused to the formation of the Ruthenian national character due to incorrect ideological orientation, which adversely affects the formation of the character of the people as well as the perspective on the nations future. This kind of ideological orientation is being distributed and advertised among the masses as an infallible position, one that cannot be questioned. Here is an example of one of them.
    “Nationalism – it is not chauvinism. Chauvinism – it is when you love only your own and hate others. Being a patriot means loving your nation and people, but at the same time respecting others. Therefore, true patriots that consider themselves nationalists are those that know how to love their own, without hating others, those who defend their own rights without impeding on the rights of others” – Lubomir Husar

    Principally this is a false position. This is only an attempt of justifying ones own existence from the point of view of one who suffers from a inferiority complex.
    For one, the term “chauvinism” has a very negative connotation and meaning in the mind of masses today. By learning of the history and birth of this term everyone will change their stance in regard to the word “chauvinism”. The term “chauvinism” (fr. Chauvinisme), originates from the name of Nicolas Chauvin – a almost mythical soldier in the army of Napoleon Bonaparte. Unbelievably he took part in the french revolution and the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815). Despite the unpopularity of Bonapartism during the Bourbon Restoration after 1815, Chauvin, as told, was a staunch supporter of Napoleon, wearing a violet lapel, which was a sign of his commitment to the deposed emperor. According to the myth, Chauvin remained fanatically loyal to Bonaparte despite his inability to take action, the poverty and abuse. He adored the emperor, considered him to be just in all matters, and was ready to fight the whole word by his side.
    In other words to have a negative opinion of this stance is below human dignity. The loyalty of an old soldier to his leader is worthy of great respect. No decent person can condemn fidelity.
    “ An example of chauvinistic psychopathy was taken from this story: in the year 1970 of November a Japanese writer, a real contender for the literary Nobel Prize Yukio Mishima conducted hara-kiri to demonstrate his commitment to the homeland.

    According to the logic of Alexander Heinrich this man is also to be considered a anti-hero, for with his self-immolation this man has demonstrated his commitment to the nation.
    Before, chauvinism was considered to be a form of nationalism. The negative connotation of this term only came to be in the early twentieth century.

    Secondly, it is necessary to respect someone for their action: for valor, honor, dignity, integrity and for their ability to keep their word. Why should one respect a Nation that has taken the side of darkness, the side of evil?

    Thirdly, where one persons right began, another persons rights end. To defend ones own rights requires one to impede on the rights of another.

    Fourthly, nationalism – is not love, nationalism – is a duty to one's own people. It is wrong and unjust to compare such greatness and to bring it down to such a level of passion and emotion. “ …let duty be your guide…” (Bhagavadgita)
    Man can reach such a state of degradation and loss of virtue, that disgust would be the natural emotional reaction to such a people. However the representatives of the national elite have a duty, which obligates them to always be on the side of it's people and nation, & not to give in to the enemy and their ideology. Our history is an example. Even when the people did not support their elite, or even went against it, the loyal & true national elite was always on the side of Rus (Ruthenia), while ignoring the possibility of annihilation.

    "Ruthenian Legacy"


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