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    [size=11pt]Chuck Norris bridge shot down by Slovak officials[/size]

    [td][img height=200]http://nationalpostnews.files.wordpress.com/2012/09/walker.jpg?w=620″/>[/td]
    [td]  [/td]
    [td]BRATISLAVA — Slovak officials rejected the overwhelming results of a popular Internet campaign to name a new pedestrian and cycling bridge near the capital after U.S. action film star Chuck Norris. Despite 12,599 votes for the Norris name in a two-month online poll, Bratislava regional assembly decided to call the bridge spanning the Morava river and Slovakia’s border with Austria the “Freedom Cycling-Bridge” in memory of people killed attempting to escape communist eastern Europe. The assembly’s choice earned only 457 votes in the online poll, where it was easily outshone by other proposed names, including “Maria Theresa” after an Austro-Hungarian empress and “the Devinska cycling bridge” in honour of a nearby village.[/td]



    To this i must just say; LOL!



    I laugh and I'm sadden by this honestly. I'm glad it didn't get named after Chuck Norris. First, the bridge already has a name that should be remembered. I don't like communism. All of our countries should learn from their pasts.. remember what many people risked to escape the communist shackles. At most the only name mentioned above that I would have been okay with if I was from there is Devinska Cycling Bridge as it at least represents an area with lots of history itself.

    Why Chuck Norris!? Really!?!?!?!



    Chucky has turned into a Radical Protestant Fanatic!



    This news is exaggerated. What did they expect by online poll? People made fun of it, that's why they voted for Chuck Norris. But seriously – this was unreal from the beginning. I don't know what to say more… just don't take all news too seriously.



    But it would be awesome to have a Chuck Norris Bridge. ;D ;D ;D Then noone would confuse Slovenia and Slovakia anymore. Everyone would know Slovakia is the state with the best bridge. And Slovenia…. well, the other one. ;D

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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