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    Hi there!

    I'd like to know what others think of my case…

    First I will present myself. Please excuse my poor English. I'm a Belgian born in Eastern Germany. I do not speak any Slavic language, only three Western Germanic languages (German, Dutch, little English) and one Roman (French).

    I'm also a polytheist or pagan or how you like to call it. I always understood "traditional" paganism ("traditional" opposite to the Mystery cults as Isiacism or Mithraism) as the pagan customs you were born into AND the one of the country you live in. For Belgium it's kinda clear: Gallo-Roman and Germanic deities. But… for my East-German heritage, I'm not so sure.

    Or better: I'm very well sure but have many doubts. Most pagan Germans regard the Germanic gods as the gods of the Germans. They even worship some Scandinavian deities like Heimdal or call the highest god "Odin" while this deity was actually called "Wodan" along the southern Germanic tribes. Whatever, they seem to ignore that Germany was not only purely "German(ic)". In some western parts also Gallo-Roman gods were worshipped, and in east-German parts slavic deities: Tryglaw/Triglafa, Gerovit/Jarovit, Swarozyc, Siewa, Podaga, Prove, Pripegala, Rugievit, Porevit, Porenut, Tjarnaglofi, Pizamar and above all Svantovit or Swiatowid. Especially for Swietowit I feel a strong affinity, also because my grandmother comes from the Isle of Rugia.

    I actually never cared about Slavic, Germanic, Greek or whatever… I want to worship the deities which are related to me by birth or living, so these deities of the places where I or my family came from. I might be no Slav but my whole family is from East-Germany and even from Rugia. So would it be wrong if I, not being a speaker of any Slavic language, also regard Swantewit of Rugia as part of my pagan heritage, as "my" god? (Not my personal patron… I'm not speaking with him… but I'm wearing him as amulet and having statues of him… that kind of worship..)

    This question might be silly but from some Asatruar I heard that I should worship German(ic) deities and no Slavic… but even when Svantovit is not Germanic, isn't he German a little since his Isle is part of Germany now? Couldn't he been worshipped by Germans and Slavs or all people who like to worship him… I'm confused.





    Hi Serapion. I understand your reluctance to 'try' another people's pantheon. Here in N. America there are a few who are Caucasian, yet are attracted to Native North American spirituality.
    Now I'm far from an expert, but I might offer two different ways to answer your question. Firstly,why not take your desire for pagan spirituality further back in time, to learning about and then worshiping Indo-European or Proto Indo-European religions. The IE and PIE peoples were the direct ancestors of all the European peoples we see today. From Ireland right across Europe to Russia(including the Scandanavian people). It's my understanding that all pagan(non Christian)religions were once tied to earlier IE and PIE practices. Just a thought.
    Secondly, as you mentioned, you are already a pagan, so why not consider the practice of Wicca. This Old Way honors the spirits and entities that inhabit the place you happen to be living at this moment, not worrying about your cultural or ethnic background. If you live in Belgium, honor the spirits and Gods that still inhabit the land now. If you live in Russia lets say, honor the spirits and Gods that live in that land at this moment. You do not necessarily have to be 'tied' to one culture or ethnicity, just because you're Belgian.
    Something to ponder.
    I wish you success on your life path. :)



    I'm indeed a pagan who honours the gods of his environment, thus Belgian gods for example.

    The thing just is/was that I'm born in Germany, more specific that part of Germany where Slavic tribes like the Rani, the Polabs, the Redarii etc lived. Since my grandmother is from Rügen/Rugia, I consider God Svantovit as a kind of 'tribal deity', even if I do not speak a Slavic languages. BUT I hae family from Rugia, so why should I not honour the genius loci of Rügen? Whether he's Slavic or Germanic? (well, the genius loci of Rügen is actually Rugievit, but you know what I mean).

    The idea of the Indo-European religion is quite a good idea actually. I consider Dyaus-Zeus-Iuppiter-Tyr as one and the same Indo-European Lightgod

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