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    What’s your opinion ? Are our men “slutty” ?  >:) >:)



    I don’t know which country is on first place here. :p 



     seems like our Slavic men are so innocent o:) o:) o:)



    it’s same as with girls. There are people of different morals in every country. 



    Difficult question to answer.



    I think society expects that males will “sow their oats,” and females will be more conservative, which makes them more desirable as marriage partners. Of course, our world has become liberal and accepting of the hedonistic, so this generalization doesn’t have much validity nowadays. Sluts of all stripes marry and children, and nobody blinks an eye. At least, in the Western “Christian” world. However, all cultures allow men to act “slutty.” It is expected of them. 

    There is always the risk of STDs with slutty behavior. Everyone, ESPECIALLY SLUTS, should be vaccinated against HPV, for example and use condoms. 

    HPV vaccine is approved by FDA and is recommended by CDC for both males and females. It is routinely given at 11 or 12 years of age, but it may be given beginning at age 9 years through age 26 years.

    Most adolescents 9 through 14 years of age should get HPV vaccine as a two-dose series with the doses separated by 6-12 months. People who start HPV vaccination at 15 years of age and older should get the vaccine as a three-dose series with the second dose given 1-2 months after the first dose and the third dose given 6 months after the first dose. There are several exceptions to these age recommendations. Your health care provider can give you more information.



    my vote goes to serbians, maybe bulgarians with them, but I dont know enough bulgarians. Serbian dudes I know are very promiscuous. I mean every nation has people who are more moral and less moral in this regard, but as a whole i vote serbs.



    Countries with the least moral Slavic girls would probably be the ones with the least moral Slavic boys as well. After all, the least moral Slavic girls would need someone to be least moral with (unless there’s a country with a huge influx of foreigners and lesbians). Though, yeah, I think us Southerners probably have the “advantage” of being both patriarchal and more hot-blooded.



    All slavic girls are slutty and dressed like prostitutes. Looking for men in rich countries to work at a sex slave. Slavic mem are just all alcoholistic and have no brain. An other reason the Russian girls go on websites to look for men abroad.



    @Irina Hwatch yorm outhh when yku speka abouut slavic pe%polle444&h+

    and have no brain.

    That’s because we do sports. :D



    This is difficult to answer, because there are good and bad people everywhere. But out of all Slavs, I would say it is Czechs.

    And if it really is the Serbs, that is a shame, because they certainly are the most handsome of all Slavs. :)



    ^As a Czech-American of questionable morals, I just may have to agree. I’ve done a good amount of skirtchasing in my 20s and 30s, but I have nothing on my grandfather. That guy was the champion of all Bohemian coozehounds.



    @Irina you know those “Russian girls” that pop up while you’re watching your… ehm… movies aren’t real?
    It’s obvious you’re a troll, we have yet to find out from which shithole did you crawled out to clean toilets in western Europe. 



    Yeah, I was thinking it was a good guess for two reasons: There is a huge atheist population, while I’m not saying that that makes one horribly immoral, there is no real push to “save it for marriage” or anything like that. Also, it’s a country with a huge porn industry, which I would think reflects in the country’s morals about sex.



    Eh, that side of the family is Catholic, but they like to fuck a lot anyhow. Or so my grandfather, along with every Italian and Mexican I’ve ever met has lead me to believe.

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