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    In my opinion , Czechs and Slovaks, followed by Ukrainians!

    I am a Belarusian guy. The Russians guy living California told me once – Belarusian girls are sluts ! They are slutty in a good way. I don’t know he meant by ‘in good way’.

    What’s your opinion? Are our women slutty?

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Lmao what a topic :D well probably Czechs judging by their P*rn industry :D



    @Sviatogor “slutty in a good way” – easy;  slutty in a bad way would be “unfaithful”. It’s a subjective description depending on whether you’re talking about your own wife or your friend’s wife.
    Degeneracy in not exclusive to women, though. Slutty women and weak men go hand in hand and ultimately it’s a man’s responsibility to impart the love of virtue into their wives and daughters.



    I don’t like this topic,it’s demeaning to the women.



    Tier 1

    Tier 2
    Czech Republic

    Tier 3

    Tier 4

    where Tier 1 is the most sluttiest and Tier 4 the least sluttiest



    Well, Russian women are rather famous (or infamous?) here for being slutty and I guess that would include Ukrainians as well. Heck, probably our most popular TV sexologist is a Russian! Though from what I hear from my relatives in Czechia, Czechs are a serious competition to the Russians, both in sluttiness and in drunkenness. So I agree with Shaokang’s list, though I don’t really see much difference between tiers 3 and 4 (especially if I consider our chalga fans).



    Bulgaria and southern countries are tourist destinations where girls and guys may go wild. Judging by behaviour of tourists is not fair. But I agree about Czechs and Ukrainians. Russians are not far behind them.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Also i find it hilarious this topic is placed in a “Tour offers” forum category :D Sviatogor’s passive humor




    All topics are appropriate on this forum if they are not lame. :) Slutty behaviour is common to many societies.

    When I was younger going to night clubs I wanted to score with girls. One night stand would not be a problem for me. I am getting older and more old-fashioned. Honesty and trust between a girl and a guy are important to me.



    I wouldn’t be surprised to find such threads on another forum, but seeing it here? I’m amazed.



    I understand Ukrainian women however & i think they are mistaken for being slut’s but really they only have their survival mod on. The country really isn’t in a good shape and probably any less off nation has same results with women unless they have ultra conservative society like Arab world which limits women’s choices.




    Belarus is not a well to do country in comparison to Slovenia and Czechia. Not long there  ice-hockey world championship in Minsk. Tourists were complaining they could not find prostitutes in Minsk.

    Any human trafficking in Belarus is punished severely regardless of citizenship of a person involved. I remember reading about two guys from St Petersburg came to recruit our girls from troubled families to be sex workers in Russia. Authorities  jailed them.



    Yes. I only mentioned Ukraine cuz its most known case. I guess Belarus is really strict on prostitution besides there are other factors in play here. Anyways what basically i am trying to say is understand women from any poorer countries but from more developed countries it’s just something else. They have ton’s of sluts too probably more than Slavs in the end and all nations have gold diggers and prostitutes. However the main problem is actually adultery. This is modern crisis even more common in western world. For those i have zero respect. So there will always be slut’s but adultery is something it must be kept in check if we want healthy society.

     In the end i’d also like to point out, look maybe Slovenia and Czech rep might be developed for Slavic standards but i must stress in reality we are in no way politically and economically that great. Poverty is still quite present no doubt.



    @Sviatogor lol at your Russian friend, I don’t think there is a “slutty girl in a good way” unless you are a pimp or something. 

    Anyway i think Czech > Ukrainians > Slovaks > Rest of the Slavs



    You get wrong impression about me and my “Russian” friend.  I don’t have Russian friends. I am more of a soldier rather than pimp. :)

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