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    She is a cheerful slut who keeps the pots scrubbed and the fires hot.



    Sluts are part of the glue that binds this society. Seriously, imagine a world in which fewer folks are getting laid.




    Sex is special to most societies.  Children are concieved through sexual intercourse. You and I were born because our Mums and Dads made love to each other.

    Slutty behavours is something different.



    Here in Serbia Ukrainian and Moldovan girls are stereotyped as whores. I personally  have no particular opinion. Where ever I went I’ve seen all kind of girls, although I must admit that girls here are kind of “weak” for the foreigners, not that they become easy, but they become interested in them relatively fast. But I don’t blame them, it’s not a girl or a slut thing, it’s probably just more of a human thing.



    Yesterday I read a  story of a guy traveling from Minsk to Lviv. The author wrote many good things about architecture of the city. He also mentioned financial situation of people. Average monthly earnings in Lviv is $200. Monthly utility bill is $50-$60. Age pension $50, pensioners get discount for utility bills. Everything is cheap in the city – a meal for 2 in a good restourant is $15-$20 . Petrol which is $1 per litre. With an average monthly earning a person can buy 200 litres of petrol.  Some pensioners on the streets are searching for food in rubbish bins. Economic situation worsened in Ukraine in the last 3 years. http://auto.tut.by/news/exclusive/521515.html

    In such situation girls such as students would prostitute themselves abroad to make a living. Although, I don’t like girls and guys selling their bodies, I can understand why they are doing this.



    @Sviatogor I don’t see how everything is cheap in the city for the average dweller.If the average paycheck is $200 then they probably can’t afford to eat that $20 meal in the restaurant which would be very expensive for them,and they wouldn’t get do drive around much because the gasoline would be expensive for them too.




    The author meant cheap for visitors from neighbouring countries.



    Sorry,my bad.



    I’m Russian girl. When I was in Paris 3 years ago, while sightseeing I was harrased by all types of Frenchmen. It was awfull!!! They grabed me by the hands while I was taking selfies, they touched me!! I couldn’t go anywhere alone!!! They tried to pick up me even in Louvre!

    Nex year I visited Italy it was the same, esspesially in Rome (in Florence men were a bit more well-mannered), I can’t forget how one person started to invite me right off the spot to the restrant, I strictly refused 3 times saying I’m a tourist and he desturbes me while I take pictures! he just  comepletely ignored what I was saying!!! Next day it was even worse, it was another man with another invitation to the restrant, after I refused him 3 times, I just started to ignore him, he begun to stulker me.  He chase me a few quarters, while I visited two museums he still stalkered me by the exit. I was so affraid that I came to the policemen. That was horrible! It ruined all my memories of Italy! Worst weekends in my life!

    Next summer in Berlin was much the same.

    So I don’t like talks about slutty Russian girls!




    I will hazard a guess that those were the darker types of Frenchmen, mostly.



    Nah,they are employees charged with picking people off the street and bringing them to the restaurants.They will literally grab you by the sleeve.They have to do it because they will get into trouble if their bosses see them “slacking”.
    It is still a laughing matter in Croatia,but some restaurants have started practicing it in here as well.



    Wait, you have “callers” there as well? Even in “civilized” countries? I thought it’s just another part of the kitch on the coast here.



    aaaaa No, it was perfectly light types of Frenchmen. Some were well-dressed old gentlemen (as I thought at the biginnig) Darker types were ruther quiet as I look a bit similar to Arab girl.

    The restrants were faw away so they proposed to go there by their car. Do the “callers” disscuss their life to you, then  propose to eat together with you and then have fun together?)



    bosniaks girls i know for a fact they hate st augustin



    You know the answer. It is obvious one and still none  mentioned it. Ukrainian of course. And there’s a good Ukraine dating service https://mymagicbrides.com/blog/ukraine-dating-service. Wish u luck

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