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    Slavic girls are known as really easy and slutty. I live in West Europe where are many Polish immigrants, and you can tell when they are from Poland or any other east europe country when their boobs hang out of their shirt, extreme short skirt or shorts where you can just see the ass and they have a lot of make up on their ugly arrogant slavic face. 

    Also at vacation in resorts where some Russian are everyone tries to avoid hotels with Russians cause they are so rude, but anyways at the beach there are 13 year old Russians with string bikinis and dressed like those Polish I noticed before. Also STD’s are very common in slavic countries so…



    Wait, so you mean to tell me all those drunk British and Scandinavian teenagers at our resorts are actually Slavs in disguise?! Well, I have to hand it to them, they definitely have a great talent for accents then!



    Yes British people are drunk too, but Russians have even vodka at breakfast. But we were actually talking about the girls and they are indeed very slutty.



    Now that we’ve concluded that the Brits are actually Slavs, then yeah, I can agree:



    Morals aren’t universal. I’m guessing what you’re asking is least ‘traditional’. I’d probably say Ukrainians, Czechs or Slovenians. 



    Of course they aren’t universal – some have none whatsoever.



    aaaaa That’s not what the sentence means. Morals aren’t a finite resource.



    i think ukrainians. just as i wrote on other theme, ukraine is in top 10 world prostitution destination. you can watch many documentaries on youtube about that. it’s also, ofcourse, a very profitable industry, including both legal and much more illegal activities like underage sex, trafficking, procuring, and those include global cooperation (“customers” are mostly people from west and other developed countries). in croatia it’s almost coloquial phrase “young ukrainian girls” denoting whores or erotic dancers.

    for more information for this kind of illegal activities i suggest for reading misha glenny’s book mc mafia (2008).

    there is something slutty about slav girls, especially ukrainian, slovakian and czech accordnig to what i just wrote and also data available for porn actresses. some already mentioned social circumstances like poverty, poor life conditions, post-socialist, “transitional” lack of perspective, poor law system that supports criminal and illegal actions, which combined lead to this phenomenon.

    ukraine has plenty of hot girls. look for example high jumper julija levčenko. damn, i would like to pick her innocent jucy flower :)
    that smile, those eyes, that golden hair, that typical eastern-slavic face… beautiful.
    can’t help but phantasise gang-bang, 4-5 older men (let’s say 30 or 40 something from west) passionately f…king this 19 yo kitty.



    by the way, feature “slutty” can sometimes lead guys to false assumption that they can seduce easily those girls, forgetting that “sluttiness” is just socially more acceptable form, an euphemism for being a whore. in other words, for seducing them, you’ll need money money. that’s what makes most hot girls and women wet.




    What in the fuck 



    @Svevlad, no the sentence means you can take your moral relativism and shove it where the sun don’t shine.



    So I came back to this forum years later just to see topics like this….. ugh :s :s



    Well my GF is definitelly sluty in “good way”. Actually she is my wife now :-). She does not want any other mens, she do not flirt or expose on party. And resist any attempts to be picked up. We are 12 years together and wery happy, in deep relationship. But what the our privacy is concerned she is slutty submisssive pagan goddess :-).



    Actually I don’t want to break rules of this site, but if it is not forbidden why not share some photos of our GF if they agree ofc? I suggest with covered eyes anyway for privacy reasons and the less naked skin the best. What do you think about it? 

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