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    Im looking for destenation for my summer vacation, actually I’m thinking about Asia this year but I want a country where no Russian tourists are. When I was in Egypt it was full of alcoholic and slutty Russians. When I take my breakfast I don’t want to be surrounded by Russians drinking vodka and at the beach looking at 12 year old Russian sluts in a super little string bikini. 

    So could someone tell me a beautiful destination without that?



    Texas, though you will find many wonderfully drunk descendants of Czechs.



    They were drunk and slutty? Meh, no real difference from a British tourist then. Now, if they were of the “little green men” type, that would have been serious. But I hear they prefer to take vacations only in Eastern Ukraine, for now.

    Otherwise, I guess they’d behave in North Korea, for example. The Antarctic is another safe choice – they probably have a base there, but they certainly wouldn’t be tourists, at least. An… Saudi Arabia, maybe? In general, the farther away from Russia and the less “touristy” the country – the less likely you’d find Russian tourists there. Though I doubt there are countries with no Russian tourists whatsoever.



    Also watch out for arrogant Macedonians. :D



    British tourists mostly go to big party places like Lloret de mar, but there are typical countries Russian visit a lot, like Turkey, Thailand and Tunesia. That’s why a lot of west people don’t go to those countries in all inclusive anymore. I would really like to go to Thailand but because of the Russians I can’t go. All Europe i’ve already seen. Israel was also an option but I’ve heard there was a russian girl with a cropped croptop in Jeruzalem. Is it common that Russians go to Israel? And how is it in Latin America: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico. Is that a populair vacation by Russians?



    @Irina Ignoring them is an option too.



    I suggest city of Nouakchott



    Irina is a male Arab seeking attention on the Internet? I came accross Arab, Turkish males taking female nick-names. Ask him if he can write a full sentence in another language.  It’d be likely Turkish, Arab.

    Anyway! Tourists from all countries behave similarly when they are on vacations.



    I have to say, its fun to watch Sviatogor when he’s frenzy



    Western Ukraine doesn’t have any Russians, I’m pretty sure. 

    You could stay at this place.

    You could go to Food Markets in Volhynia (Rivne).

    I’ve never seen any Russians here. My bf and I stayed at this place. We were the only people on the island. NO RUSSIANS. 

    Zerons Island

    This 7.5-acre island dishes up 2,000 feet of sandy frontage on all-sports Sage Lake, about 35 minutes west of Tawas City. A two-story log cabin is flanked by stone patios (with a built-in fire pit), outdoor grill area and horseshoe pit; a mini cabin with wood-burning stove offers extra room for sleeping quarters (BYO air mattress), though you could set up a tent anywhere on the island for even more privacy. Guests must provide their own transportation to the island; two pontoons are available to rent for an extra fee.




    Or you can go to Russia, when they’re on vacations. :D



    I would really like to go to Thailand but because of the Russians I can’t go. “

    For some reason, this is the funniest sentence I’ve read all week. 



    And how are Ukrainian people? Ive had a bad experience with slavic people in general, but expecially Russians and Im surely not the only one. That place in Ukraine seems actually okay and I’m guess its very cheap there, but actually I have never seem as a vacation destenition so… I always thought Ukrainians were the same as Russians but then a little bit better. Is Israel common vacation for Russians? I thought they are mostly in all incluse hotels so I avoid that and I was not planning to stay there, but then there is still the problem with the Russian sluts. And Latin America? Are there many Russians?



    I think I’m going to go to an Indian forum and complain about the four rude Indians that used to live near me. That seems a normal and very reasonable thing to do. Or maybe a Mexican forum, and call them all drunken Aztecs with slutty women. Seems like a totally non-troll thing to do.



    Im only here to ask advice from Russians, because they really bother me and Mexican women aren’t that slutty lol I don’t know if you know the slavic girls stereotype but from my experience they are all true. All I want is to know a nice vacation destination wihout Russians cause they would ruin my whole pre honeymoon.

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