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    Drama in Kabul, Croatian pilots save Macedonian soldiers
    Thursday, 20 September 2012

    Afghanistan has become increasingly dangerous for Macedonian soldiers, due to an increased anti-US sentiment after the release of the film "Innocence of Muslims". As a result there the US and NATO have lost numerous soldiers killed by Afghan police, at the same time the Taliban has launched multiple brave attacks on NATO bases in and out of Kabul.

    As a result the situation for Macedonian soldiers in one of those bases became life threatening after coming under a sustained attack by Taliban soldiers from all sides.
    On Tuesday one of these bases housing Macedonian instructors came under attack, so much so US pilots were not allowed to fly in or out of the base fearing the aircraft would be easily downed.
    The dire situation didn't stop a group of Croatian pilots to borrow an Afghan helicopter. They were determined to leave the base and transport soldiers to the Bagram base outside of Kabul. 
    Despite the dangers of having their helicopter downed, the Croats managed to transport all Macedonian soldiers to Bagram as well as group of soldiers from Montenegro, Bosnia and Albania.
    After arriving in Bagram, all Macedonian soldiers boarded a transport plane and landed in Kyrgistan where they are awaiting their flight to Macedonia.



    Croatian Army Rescues Balkan Soldiers from Afghanistan

    A helicopter unit of the Croatian army has rescued 38 beseiged soldiers from different Balkan countries in Afghanistan, writes Croatian paper Jutarnji List Thursday.
    The drama unfolded on Tuesday amidst boiling tensions around the "Innocence of Muslims" film that provoked the ire of Muslims in various countries, who saw it as insulting to the Prophet Mohammed.
    The 38 soldiers from Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania had to be transported from a base in Kabul to Bagram Air Base.
    The sericemen were blocked by rioting protesters in their base and the Croatian unit was the only one that was ready to respond, after helicopters from the US and elsewhere were banned for flying in.
    Fortunately, the operation went on succesfully and the Balkan soldiers were rescued.

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