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    Croatia has presented Serbia with an updated list of 1549 people wanted for war crimes.

    Compared to the 2010 list, the new lineup has 15 more names. These people have either been convicted, charged or are under investigation for war crimes in Croatia.

    Serbia had also sent its list to the Croatian Ministry of Justice last week. It names 33 Croatian veterans, with proceedings suspended against 26 of them, the daily Jutarnji List writes.

    Only seven of the people named in Serbia's document face arrest.

    Serbia wants Croatia to prosecute two more people for alleged war crimes


    The Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor's Office said on Wednesday that when sending a copy of the file in the case of Croatian war veteran Tihomir Purda to the Croatian State Attorney's Office, it would demand that, along with Purda, Petar Janjic and Danko Maslov should also be tried for war crimes committed in Borovo Naselje, eastern Croatia, in the early 1990s.

    At a meeting in Zagreb on Wednesday of the Croatian-Serbian commission for the preparation and exchange of lists of persons accused or convicted of war crimes, all people who were being prosecuted in their absence in Croatia were invited to approach the Croatian State Attorney's Office with a written request for renewal of proceedings, the War Crimes Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Justice said in a joint statement in Belgrade.

    Priority was given to resuming negotiations on the cases of Cedo Jovic, who is charged with war crimes in Dalj, and Rade Miljevic, whom the Sisak County Court has sentenced in his absence to 12 years in prison for committing war crimes against civilians in 1991, and similar cases that have been tried by Croatian courts, the statement said.

    There was no immediate comment from the Croatian Ministry of Justice and the State Attorney's Office about the joint statement.

    Tihomir Purda was arrested in Bosnia and Herzegovina last week on an international warrant issued by Serbia. He is being held in Zenica prison.



    Fair deal. Another step in right direction. Well done Serbia and Croatia!

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