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    Croatia heads to finalise EU entry talks

    BRUSSELS: Croatia made progress on Wednesday towards completing its European Union accession, wrapping up negotiations on issues such as police, border controls, foreign policy and visa rules.

    But EU officials warned Zagreb it still had to show more effort in combating corruption and crime and convincing EU governments that its judiciary reforms are showing results, if it wants to meet its goal of finishing talks in 2011. “Croatia has clearly been making good progress in terms of meeting EU accession criteria and we can safely say the conclusion of negotiations is within reach now,” Belgian foreign minister Steven Vanackere, who oversaw talks between Croatia and EU governments, told a news conference. “But it is clear further effort is required,” he said.

    The Zagreb government argues it is doing all it can to weed out abuses. It points to efforts to prosecute former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader, arrested in Vienna this month on a Croatian warrant in a corruption probe. But EU diplomats say Croatia faces a steep challenge to convince sceptics in the bloc. reuters




    Meh, it's going like this for last 10 years or so… after every chapter closed "we're closer" thought we stand still on a same spot, but i guess that this misfortune will come up as a good thing if we don't enter it…



    maybe Kosovo will be in the EU before Croatia  :P

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