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    Hello guys,

    As title says I have question for those of you who can help me. I am student here in Zagreb for 5 year and next year it ll be my 6th year as I am in Zagreb. Because of that I decided to apply for Croatian Permanent Residency which I can do according to rule if I am in Croatia for 5 year in sequenc . One of my friend who is also involved in this process told me that according to rule for me as a student it counts only half of year of staying in Zagreb so that means even I ll be next year still in Zagreb and it ll be my 6th year here it ll count as I am here for 3 years. For me it doesnt make sense because on my residency card which i need to renew every year it says that it last for one whole year not 6 months.
    Also I have here in Zagreb my own apartment, does it also count to get it easier?

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