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    A 13-year-old Croatian girl baffled doctors after waking from a coma speaking fluent German and unable to speak in her mother tongue. (crivens!)

    Croatian girl wakes from coma speaking fluent German – Yahoo!7 News

    I know that I wake up from a night out unable to speak English…but this!



    There was this guy on the news, that was in a coma, and when he woke up he was speaking fluent latin, but he couldn't speak Croatian. ( BTW. prvo sam napisao na hrvatskom, ali ti u pravilima piše da bolje da na engleskom, pa nek onda bude na engleskom :D )



    So the Hitler scientists where right, the 'Germanic' nordic race came from another galaxy  –  this young female got abducted by UFO ?!  :)

    About the man speaking Latin…      Ghosts ?  Or maybe because Croatia be close to Italy  ???



    These things are truly interesting. :D



    If this happened to me I would not mind if I could gain another language without losing my current ones.



    There was a story here that I woman had a stroke of some sort and now speaks with a british accent.  ;)



    Same thing happened to me after strokes. Stopped being able to speak serbian and romanian, and after severe malnutrition kidney/liver failure last year I got amnesia of things I remembered my whole life. Huge pockets of memories… And unable to explain to people why I know certain things or where I got the information from because so many pieces are missing for me to acess consciously. Details to feelings and emotions behind memories gone, as well as a change in voice- like the british lady- I lost the ability to make certain accents.

    I suspect the girl knew german or learned it spontaneously through someone or throguh reading prior but never spoke it. A lot of kids pick up 2nd languages that way sometimes without knowing.

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