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    I know that Lukashenko has Ukrainian heritage, you can tell by his surname, but I wonder how many Belarusians have Ukrainian ancestry. Seeing as my grandfather came from Belarus but his father “identified” as Ukrainian and my grandmother called his father a Ukrainian, he looked Ukrainian and considering we have old family in Ukraine, I’m seeing how likely it is that his father was actually ethnically Ukrainian.



    he looked Ukrainian

    What does it mean? :D



    What do you think? There are no typical looks obviously, but his looks certainly matched the looks of a lot of Ukrainians, hence he was similar in appearance to many “Ukrainians”.

    It’s similar to how a lot of people on this forum claim to possess a look typical to a certain region of Slavic Europe, yet I haven’t seen you question them, so why me? Are you bored and thus leaving pointless comments on pointless threads? I’ll admit, I’m bored as heck, albeit it’s not a stupid question, rather a valid one. 



    yet I haven’t seen you question them, so why me?

    I did. It’s because you don’t come to this forum that often.

    I just can’t distinguish Europeans based on their features.
    There are people with small noses in every country, there are people with big foreheads in every country, etc.
    I can apply one rule, though: dark people = south, pale people = north. :D

    it’s not a stupid question, rather a valid one.

    I agree. But I’m ignorant about this topic, so unfortunately I can’t help you. @Sviatogor might help.

    Just that one statement hit my eyes like WHAT?! So, can you explain how Ukrainians differ in looks from other people?



    Many Ukrainians migrated in Belarus. Especially in the last 100 years. Svetalana Alexievich’s (Nobel prize winner in literature a couple of years ago) Mum is Ukrainian. Her Dad is Belarusain. Svetlana was born and grew up in Belarus considering herself Belarusian. The same can be said about Lukashenko. Despite his Ukrainian ancestry he was born and grew up in Belarus.



    Most similar Ukrainians to Belarusians in terms of physical appearance are Ukrainians of Chernihiv and norther Kyiv regions. Kyiv region should not be confused with Kyiv city – cosmopolitan city that attracted people from all over Ukraine and former Soviet Republics.



    Thank you both, would you say that one of the reasons that many Ukrainians migrated north to Belarus (in the last 100 years) was the “Holodomor”? 



    I always assumed the ko  ending of last names was also native to Belarus. 



    @zasiedko The suffix -ko is also used for making diminutives and there are also surnames that were created this way, for example Kňažko (from kňaz). There are also Pročko, Tlučko, etc. They’re not solely Belarusian.
    I suppose Belarusian surnames ending with -ko mean something like junior or like Nordic -son, meaning the first bearer of the surname was a child of someone that was named like that surname without the -ko suffix.



    @”Kapitán Denis”
    The situation is the same with “-vich” surnames, for example, I’ve noticed this and it usually works but obviously take it with a grain of salt;

    Surnames ending with “-evich” are usually Belarusian, for example, “Mishievich”.

    Surnames ending with “-ovich” are usually Ukrainian, for example, “Dimitrovich”.



    @”Kapitán Denis” ya that’s what I’m saying my last name ends with ko  and is Ukrainian but I am curious that if there is native last names of Belarus with the ko and that is just not a migrant Ukrainian considering the closeness of the two countries in linguistics and history.

         On a side note I have noticed a few famous poles with the last name ending with ko. Curious if they were polonized  ruthenians. 



    Probably polonised Ukrainians, or polonised Belarusians of Ukrainian origin. History is complicated in this part of Europe, lol. What part of Belarus is your family from?



    @”Bernhard ” na my background is Ukrainian. 



    Ah, fair enough.

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