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    Ive heard people say that slav is only a linguistic or cultural term but i just dont believe it how could so many slavs look distinctly the same and have the same culture and ancient religion if they were never genetically the same group , so my question is are we all related through the early slavs like it says in the tale of lech cech and rus ?

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Yes you might find some valuable info here



    I understand the Slavic people only as a linguistic group. And the spreading of the Slavic language and dialects was achieved parallel with the distribution of Slavic culture – many nations, even non-Slavic ones, have adopted certain Slavic traditions and traits. For the case that they might have a same background, I think you might be right to a point. But looking at the hard evidence, physical appearances, genetic research, and historical fact, many of today’s considered Slavs and Slavic-speaking peoples have varying origins and ethnogenesis, in my opinion.
    In conclusion, I don’t buy the “tale” that we all descend from the soi-disant “Early Slavs”. Best regards.



    What is now called “slavic” is nothing other than bulgarian language and culture. Similarities are due to the civilizing influence of Bulgaria on the surrounding savage tribes as well as those they conquered.

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