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    Hi everyone , a few months ago I took a dna test (and really no need to mention my haplogroup because it is affectless cuz it is still contradictive) listen please)

    I’ve matced with three persons one of them that doesn’t know exactly where his maternal lineage originates from(though he says my grandmother’s mother was Italian) is Italian and one of them is from Germany the last one is from Switzerland but I cannot contact them. Afterall I compared my dna details to others’ dna details who have the same haplogroup..There are two ethnic groups that are more similar to me than others Celtics and Slavics. The result is that in comparing people, the number of Celtics is 54 the number of Slavics is 43 Control 1) Second Dna Code = 13 matching errors in Celtic people , 10 Errors in Slavic people , Control 2) Third Dna Code : 40 erros in Celtics 22 errors in Slavics Control 3) Fourth Dna Code : 38 Errors in Celtics 22 Errors in Slavics Control 4) Fifth Dna Code : There is no the same code in the Celtics one of the Slavics has the same code that I have. Control 5) Sixth Dna Code : There is no in the Celtics one the Slavics has the same code. The slavic person who has the last two same codes also has %90 Similar codes in another dna details.(Others have no) There is no such a person in the Celtics. all these mean I’m more close to slavic people compared to others. But I’m not sure If that means I have slavic genes by maternal lineage.

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